I now knew that rebuilding a relationship from a lost trust is very difficult. It is one painful journey and one difficult task  because I have to take away every doubt that lingers in her mind. I have to make her believe in me again so she can put aside any thought that would make her doubt me.

It is indeed true that there is always a risk in getting into and being in a relationship. I know that at this time saying “i love you” is not enough anymore. Promises are broken and vows are put into test everyday. This “phase”, this “journey” is really a constant struggle, with pain and tears on the side 😦

If I choose to go on with this, carrying but a “dot of hope” in my heart, then I know I have to be ready and brace myself for more painful days ahead. And If I choose myself then I would just have to let go of the dream—the two of us getting back together and becoming “bebes” again, and then let time tell me who’s really meant for me.

I guess sometimes I just have to stop pushing myself to love or be loved by someone. I guess I need to be alone so that I would be able to think about what I really want at this point and for me to be able to realize what or who will really make me happy.

I know I have to restart loving myself. After all, real and lasting happiness starts from within.

The choice is within me now.


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  1. 1

    godo said,

    yaku, life is really about choices. i’m praying that whatever choice you make, its the one that can make you happy and at peace. making a choice is a matter of getting ready for conseqwences. take care. get well soon. love u biggie bro!

  2. 2

    brokenman said,

    thanks baby bro. i know God will give me the wisdom to make the right choice. take care.

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