i don’t know what your silence means. thousands of thoughts–both negative and positive—are entering my weak mind every minute of the day. have you given up on me? is this intentional? is this your way of getting even with me? is this a strategy? is this some kind of a plan?

a part of me is saying “i should not think about it. not to make a big deal about it and just let it pass” but a part of me longs for you, crazy about you, and hurting because of this “invisible wall” between us. and i’m scared…so scared that you’ll take the “chance” away.

your silence…it’s hurting me so much…

i love you….still…i guess…that’s the reason why even in your silence…there’s pain

Silence is night
   and just as there are nights
      with no moon and no stars
when you’re all alone
   totally alone
       when you’re cursed
when you become a nothing
   which no one needs—
So there are silences which are threatening
   because there is nothing except
    the silence.

               -deep thoughts on silence, author unknown 


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