conversation “after the storm”

me: sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people….i hope our journey will not end in distance..i’m hoping there’s still a chance for us…i love you so much

her: you are kidding me! distance is keeping you away from me! distance is crushing us into pieces, distance ‘ telling me that you are not real, distance’ torture for me, distance is you!

me: we can go that distance…and beyond…we….the 2 of us…but only if we both believe that its worth going…

her: you sound like you really want to do it–you want me to believe–i want to! but how? you sound like nothing happened–you have to do the most important thing for us—that is showing up! so, can you do it? will you do it? sirang plaka na ako! paulit-ulit!

me: i believe its worth going..i will go the distance…even with just a dot of hope in my heart…the only armor i have now is my love for you…

her: okay. ikaw may hawak ng gusto mo! God bless

me: i will do it…we had enough of this pain….enough of this distance..i want more of you…here…with me

her: God be with you!

me: please! please!

me: are u taking the hope, the chance away? please don’t, i’m begging you

her: ur crazy! i dont think i ever took the chance away from u and ur rewinding things again!

me: i was just me me stupid…call me whatever u want…nothing that u say can make me unlove least..d chance is still there..thanks…but i hope we could still meet halfway..just in case

her: see–if u are really is sincere-u will never ask me to do my part–u’ll give urs all the way–if u want to meet me–u’ll meet me even if it means death coz u said so

me: now ur talking! i said just in case. i’ll give, do my best…my all just to see with u…and i’m praying that u still want to see me..that ur still open to possibilities…just like before

her: i guess i’ve given my part already–chance!–do yours! see me–no effort from me–but i would still want to see u–yes!

me: ok…i’ll just take it from there..praying that the possibilities are still open..thanks.


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