surviving the day

i woke up yesterday with a bleeding nose and numb hands. i tried getting up from my bed all by myself but i can’t. there was a burning sensation from my arms down to my hands and fingers.  i was able to pull myself up though after a few minutes but not with so much perspiration. i was able to walk a few steps, enough to reach my “comfy chair” near the side of my bed.

while eating my breakfast,  i just realized that..hey, i made it…i’ve finished the first chemo cycle and there are two more sessions left before the final assessment. what a blessing.  i want to say thank you to those who prayed for me. please help me and my family pray for remission. 🙂

the coming days will be for ct-scan, my thread mill test and a visit to the cardiologist and to my dentist. hmm..maybe i should visit a facial center and have my face clean. so what’s wrong with being vain? 🙂 

my hair is falling. i saw an enormous amount this morning in my pillow. yes, i have not shave my hair, much to my mother’s constant reminder that i should go to the barber the soonest. well, i was told that i should shave it even before the first session but well i remembered “her” telling me that she wanted to shave my hair. call me crazy but yes, i’m still waiting and hoping for that moment and i’m praying that  she is still willing to do it for me.   

i survived the day–with less throwing up, less dizziness and more of the constant reminders of God’s awesome love for me.

thank you Lord, truly, i’m never out of Your grace.

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