this is how i feel today

i woke up with a heavy feeling (missing her, aching nape and weak knees). then, this is the first “song” that entered my head and i couldn’t seem to get over it. i’ve already made a post of this song here  which was actually a “repost” from my friendster blog, but what a heck, this is how i feel now.

she’s right, this pain won’t go away, unless we see each other, talk things out and then take it from there. i have to admit, a part of me is still hoping that we will go for the “fixing” rather than “closing” but i realize i shouldn’t be expecting that much. i’ve been into so much pain already and somehow i know she is too. i guess we’ll just have to go with the flow. but for whatever it takes, i know nothing will change within me..i will still love her…so much!

“take care po. iniisip kita. minamahal kita. hugmaon kita”

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