last monday, i woke up with a fever and my nose was bleeding. i was rushed to the hospital and after my cbc, i was told i had neutropenia, or low white blood cell count, a common side effect of chemotherapy. i felt bad because this could only mean that my immune system is still weak and there’s a risk to develop more infection. actually, aside from the fever, i had malaise plus cough and colds. i was admitted. the doctors administered antibiotics and white blood cell boosters through IV and i fell asleep in the middle of the treatment. i was discharge a day after and was advised to continue taking steroids 😦  there was an improvement in the wbc count though, thank God.  i just hope that this fever will go away soon.

my friends were asking why i’m taking steroids? well, i asked the same question to my oncologist and as far as i can recall this is  what she told me: as part of my treatment, steroids can prevent sickness caused by chemotherapy. some cancer respond better if steroids is taken along with the chemotherapy. the doctor pointed out that i will only have them for a few days at a time. steroids is an anti-inflammatory drug too,  i was told.

what i don’t really like about steroids is the side effects. i’m having difficulty sleeping and i often feel this heavy feeling in my stomach close to having indigestion. everytime i have the steroids injected i feel this strange tingling itching sensation. one more thing, i can feel my face muscles swelling as if i’m gaining weight 😦

there will be more tests for this week and then i’ll have a 2-day break before the next session. i’m glad that i’m able to cope up with it. thank you for all your prayers. it means a lot really.

thank you Lord for your unfailing love. where would i be without You?  


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