#1: happy mother’s day mommy! i don’t know how to begin to express my deepest appreciation for your love and support. your love for me is unconditional. i’m so sorry for giving you pains. i really want to make it up mom. i love you so much. you are my “heaven on earth”. you are one of God’s wonderful blessings in my life. i pray that He gives you strength as you “carry” us through this difficult phase of our family life. i admire your strength, determination and faith in God. because of you, we are still here. thank you so much mommy!

#2 to the mothers of my children, (gem for giving me jay; fran for giving me cai and jhen for giving me nice), happy mothers day guys! i’m so sorry for all my shortcomings. i’m not a perfect dad, but i’m doing the best i can so i can  be a better one. please pray for me. God bless all of you.

#3 to all the wonderful mothers out there…happy mother’s day!  


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  1. 1

    gyps said,

    happy mother’s day kay tita ne.

  2. 2

    jane said,

    ay brokenman dami mong anak saka dami ding nanay! matulis ka pala! hi hi hi. sana mag post ka pa ng mga pic mo dito. God bless.

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