today, the 15th of May, is the continuance of my chemo session. my oncologist, dr. dy, told me yesterday that they will be reducing the dosage of anthracycline but they will be adding thioguanine, a third medication.

my treatment is still at the “remission induction” therapy stage and i’m praying that i would be able to have remission after the last session. i usually stay at the hospital after the treatment because i always develop infection the next day. (my doctors said its a normal thing since chemotherapy destroys many normal blood cells in the process of killing the leukemia cells),  but i’m praying that this time, i would be able to cope up with it and be an out-patient. i still have my neupogen with me, though (a medication that boost white cell production).

i’m coping, yes, surviving and i want to thank my family, friends and my newly-found friends for praying for me and for encouraging me to go on and fight. it really means a lot to me and to my family.

its about time that i take care of myself. my doctor is right, chemo and leukemia should not take the best of who i am. so, hopefully, next week, i could go back to playing golf with my buddies. 🙂

today..a new day…a new beginning….a renewed hope…thank GOD!


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    Dette said,

    Hi Lex… grabe small world nameet ko si godfrey sa confe ng friend ko … i just entered the confe when exactly your name was written there… so i asked if they knew you and godfrey pala is your bro ;))…. he gave me your blog and ofcourse i’m glad that you’re fighting with it.. i know that God is always there to give u strength.. just hold on to us, your family and friends and ofcourse to Him…nothing’s impossible with Him, Lex… prayers and faith can move mountains friend .. we’re here for you Lex… ingat ka and God bless…. dette (bad_girl) pero nice_0614 na SN ko 😀 😉 change image hahahaha wholesome na dating hehehehe

  2. 2

    bret said,

    we are all praying for you best bud. God bless. kaya yan! stand firm sa faith mo!

  3. 3

    pia said,

    glad to read sometthing positive here. and i’m happy na you are already out of the hospital. pls take care. i’m here lang palagi for you. tsitsi! 🙂

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