as much as i want to be an out-patient after my chemo session, i had to be admitted for one day due to fluctuating blood pressure and malaise. i’m home now.finally.

i’m still on a wheelchair though. still feeling weak and i’m unable to move that much. i’ve been vomiting since this morning  and i only had a glass of ensure and a piece of banana for lunch. i tried eating “goto” when i woke up but my taste buds were not cooperating. 😦 its either the food taste bitter or bland.

majority of my test results were okay and my doctors assured me that some of the anomalies are manageable. thank God because i was given a period of rest before the last chemo session for “option A” so as to give time for my body to regain strength and to replace healthy cells that were lost during the treatment. i was told that my cell count may actually return to normal long before the cells are working at full capacity.

and since i’m so vulnerable to infection, i was asked to take the  following precautions:

  • always wash hands with anti-bacterial soap (they recommend safeguard, i wonder, do they have an “x-deal” here?) and plenty of water because many infections are transmitted through the hands.
  • avoid people with colds and flu
  • as much as possible, avoid large crowds to reduce the likelihood of coming into contact with sick people
  • bathe daily
  • take steps to prevent cuts or scrapes because open wounds can become entry points for infection
  • prevent cracks in the skin by using a hypo allergenic lotion (i’m using a lotion that says it has virgin coconut oil)
  • be proactive

a while ago, an uncle called up and asked about the progress of my treatment. i said i’m surviving and coping with it. but after the usual pleasantries, he asked me about my “sex life”. “zero po eh” my reply. he was worried coz the medication might affect the “winning performance”  🙂 but i said i’ve had some tests after the first phase and my sperm count is still okay. and of course, the “thing” is still standing and capable. 🙂  🙂

i want to say thank you to those who are praying for me. i really thank God because there are people helping me—–emotionally, spiritually, morally and financially with this battle. i couldn’t thank all of you enough.

tomorrow..well..another day of battle. i hope there’ll be less throwing up and i could eat more. been craving for sinigang na shrimp and patola soup. yum yum

i hope i’ll get more sleep tonight. please continue to pray for me guys. God bless.

thank you my good LORD for being there for me always. You are awesome!

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    pedo said,

    ayos yan bro. lex. at least di mo pa pala kailangan ng viagra. kaya lang bro gamitin mo at baka manlambot na ng tuluyan he he he. get well soon.

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