keep walking

had fun walking this morning 🙂

for someone who’s been on a wheelchair for almost a week now, it feels great to feel the “earth” under my feet again. from my bed to my comfy chair (they are just a few meters apart) it took me 20 minutes to walk from my bed to the chair and back. after that, i tried walking from my bed to the window and then back. with every step, i can feel the “twitch” on my knees, there’s a pinch of pain, but i remember my bone doctor told me, its normal, “tiisin mo lang kailangan mong ilakad”. no pain, no gain 🙂

so after a week of walking some slow baby steps, i was able to walked around my room for almost an hour. i was soaking wet with perspiration but there’s joy within me. my steps are not perfect yet, have fallen couple of times, i’ve hurt my hands, knees, arms, back—but there’s peace within. i’m really praying that i could do my “normal walking” by the end of this week.

tomorrow, i’ll have another session with my physical therapist. i want to do more “walking” too. next week, God willing, i hope i could do some jogging at greenbelt park. i’ve missed that place already and my jogging buddies as well. i remember those times when i will wake up early on saturday mornings to jog around the park then i’ll have a delicious breakfast at heaven and eggs or mcdonald’s then go to work or play golf with my buddies after. i’ve missed that routine really.

spent the rest of the day in bed. my new “vitamin” is making me drowsy and sleepy. my temp was down to 37.5, no more fever, thank God. the infection is giving up on me 🙂

watched “300” today on dvd and was moved by king leonidas’ last words,  “my queen, my wife, my love!”  i think, that’s the “bravest” thing he did in the movie (yeah, i’m a certified romantic buff)

finally, i was reading psalm 139 a while ago and found this song by adam paul williams in sonific. this is actually an adaptation of the verses. i’m putting it here with the hope that readers of my blog will feel the inspiration and hope that i felt when i heard the song.

thank you dad (for calling), mom (for taking care of me), ned (for driving, for the patience, for doing the errands), kuya, ate jo, yei, reese, godo, jay, cai, nice, rod, bret, yang, kajo, pia, shy, fran, belle, fred, chels, ada, lora, tita florence, maya, mags, mari, weng, rosselle, meldee, itoy, chuck, jayjay, koryn, david, pong, yeena, kat, sabby, dante, tito panggoy, brian, reyo, adel, marian, rupert, jon, tseng, pachot, kuya paolo, luther, edward, errol, bilog, sed, claire, bebs, randy and annie (for the sms, calls, offline messages, messages on friendster/multiply, comments, pm/ym, emails, e-cards). salamat ng marami.

and to those who are praying for me (whatever your prayer is…) thank you for remembering me.’s the song:

[sonific 38e3d205cac881336c5b56f6cfa57af80186d3c5]


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  1. 1

    claire said,

    praise God for His works in you. i know He’s touching you every day. just keep on trusting Him. yeah, ganda ng song. i’m really happy na positive na ang spirit nitong blog mo. move forward. God is faithful and He will never forsake you. God bless my dear friend. i’m always praying for you. see you soon.

  2. 2

    uncle bart said,

    lex, God bless you. remember that we are always here for you. praying for your speedy recovery. yeah, keep on walking forward, He is holding you. don’t be afraid. we love you.

  3. 3

    godo said,

    great song yaku. glad you can walk now. God bless you more biggie brother. love you. see you soon.

  4. 4

    melai said,

    anong nangyari sayo?
    I am praying for your complete healing..

  5. 5

    mari said,

    way to go lex… muy bien mi caro amigo… all you need is a step forward and everything follows… God bless you!! Me and Jairo will always be your friends no matter what and always praying for your fast recovery.. Te quiero mi amigo:-*

  6. 6

    pia said,

    nice song. how are u na po tsitsi? keep walking forward. God bless.

  7. 7

    belle said,

    i’m loving this song. wtg! take care!

  8. 8

    Yei said,

    nakakaiyak naman ang song ever! ang ganda ng message, very true! God bless yaku!

  9. 9

    brokenman said,

    claire, amen to that. thanks for always sending those inspiring sms. God bless. see u soon

    uncle bart, thanks. i love all of u too. see u soon.

    godo, yeah, see u soon

    melai, weak, leukemia. thanks for the prayers. this means a lot to me lalo na from a new friend here at wordpress. God bless

    mari, gracias 🙂 te quiero give my regards to amigo jairo

    pia, salamat. i’m not that okay but i’m coping, fighting. God bless din

    belle, thanks. really nice song

    atty. yei, thanks sis. God bless. visit me pag di ka na masyadong busy sa mga kaso mo.

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