i woke up with unbearable pains in my knees and thighs. i asked my mom to just put some pain reliever cream in the painful areas because i really dont want an I.V. or an oral medication anymore. but well, after 3 hours of being in pain, mommy called my doctor and i have no choice but to take my I.V.  dose of dolophine. 😦

i was able to sleep after eating a bowl of oatmeal and i still feel sleepy at this time. my nape and neck are aching. i hope its just a case of “bad sleeping position”.

i’ll have my check up  next week. i’m hoping that that there would be no re-scheduling of my last chemo session for “option a” (although i was told that such would depend on how “well” i am). my doctors will not take the risk.

i was able to walk from my bed to the window and saw the foggy makati skyline. the sky is gloomy today. just like my soul—–gloomy, sad, in pain, incomplete—longing for that one person whom i believe can really make me happy again. i was thinking of her promise. praying she’ll keep it as i would be keeping mine.

i imagine her here, standing beside me as we look at the emerging moon. the clouds are like soft balls of cottons, enveloping the pain in our hearts. i hope the stars would appear tonight…starlight, starbright—please let me make a wish tonight. it was the same wish—the same longing—the same yearning–the same person.

“….i’ll see you again, whether far or soon…but i need you to know….that i care and i miss you.”     i miss you/incubus

this longing..this pain…this sadness…only you...can take it all away.


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  1. 1

    jane said,

    ay naiyak po ako!

  2. 2

    claire said,

    that “you” is still her right? hay, alexandro! 😦

  3. 3

    this girl is just so lucky to have someone loves her like you do. tc.

  4. 4

    brokenman said,

    jane, salamat. opps..didn’t mean to make u cry 😦

    claire, yes, you are right

    tingting, thanks sa comment. i hope she felt that way. parang hindi eh. 😦

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