she never fails to brighten my day with her calls. she’s my regular caller i should say, may it be early in the morning or late at night. her voice, high pitch, but really cute, never fails to make me smile. i love talking to her.

heyo tito yex”

and when she doesn’t hear me say hello, she’ll say

“heyooooooo tito yex!!!!”

and then the unsolicited advise…

“tito yex, wag ka na cly ha tito yex”

and before the conversation ends, she’ll say…

“yavyu, tek ker, dud nyt”

and just when you thought the conversation is over, you will hear her say…

heyo tito yex, yavyu”


her name is maxene, i call her max, she’s 2 1/2 years old and the grand- daughter of my bestfriend, mags. mark, mags’ eldest son and father of maxene, is so lucky to have her. yavyu max! keep on talking! 🙂

i’m missing my own daughters, cai (she’s in sydney,australia) and nice (she’s in the Philippines, Las Pinas). i hope i get to spend quality time with them soon. i’m optimistic that our good Lord will still give me that moment.)

(thank you for the prayers guys. check up time for me these coming days and hopefully, chemo next week. i’ll write the updates here. God bless!)   

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  1. 1

    godo said,

    cute kid! 🙂 nice blog yaku!

  2. 2

    dhaleiny said,

    cute blog…….cute kid……i can bet she’s as cute as her grandma…hahaha…im glad you posted something different naman….now, im reading your blogs na…especially this one….kasi cute 🙂 im sure maxene loves her tito yex too ….
    keep on diverting your attention to other stuffs…beautiful stuffs ha…not the “chaka” ones….ooopppps…
    anyway, you can do it bestfriend, keep on going…you’re on the right track! lets pray tuloy tuloy na….

  3. 3

    pia said,

    so she’s the one na kinuwento mo dati. she’s so cute. how are u na po? why wala kang text 😦 ? are you okay?

  4. 4

    brokenman said,

    Godo, thank you. how’s dad?

    dhaleiny, yes, may pinagmanahan. ganda ng lola nya 🙂 what do u mean by chaka nga ulit? 😦 sorry ha, nakalimutan ko

    pia, yeah, she’s the one. so cute and smart. tc.

  5. 5

    miles said,

    touchy blog….i used to experience that calls too….its just that maxene’s dialog to me is ,”hello mama!”…. then ang next line nya “san ka na mama?”…pag sinagot mo sya ng dito lang sa haus, ask uli sya..”ano gawa mo?”hanggang paulit-ulit lang sya ng mga tanong at salita…super kulit na bata…maybe nasa genes….kulit din ang lola at papa eh…….by the way, i’m your bestfriend mags younger sister….everybody in our family call me “mama” kahit single pa ako….si ate mags lang ang nagturo sa akin ng link na ito… first time intruder….hope im welcome to join…..i see your picture and nice meeting you…

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