40 years

i remember them…..dancing to this tune…unmindful of physical discomforts brought by their age, they are happy, they only have eyes for each other. and so he kissed her, whispered something into her ears and she giggled like a child.

who would have thought that they would end up together? theirs was a relationship so traditional, so typical, and somewhat “forced”. her father and his father–played god and made a pact–that the two of them would become husband and wife. arranged marriage, so typical in a close-knit Chinese family. as the famous Chinese saying goes “bamboo door is to bamboo door as wooden door is to wooden door”.

she still remembered the first letter sent by his family to her family. it was the request to  formalize the arrangement of marriage. only then did she learn that her father has arranged a marriage for her. she was shocked, hurt and confused. it was a helpless situation because  she knew how her family values family tradition and it would be very difficult for her to get her way out of it. so she spent almost a month crying.

he was equally shocked too when he found out about the arranged marriage. he wanted to rebel and curse his parents for meddling into his personal life but just like her, he knew the way out is difficult. so his father showed him her photo, gave him a lecture on who her family was and was surprised when it has somewhat brought a smile into his face. but still, the reality of marrying someone he hardly knew was unacceptable to him.

he then convinced his father to at least give him a chance to get to know her more, after all, both of them are still young and at the peak of their new careers. part of his dilemma was also how to break the news to his girlfriend of 3 years. so he sought an audience with his parents and was horrified when what he thought was just a son and parents thing became a clan’s problem, as he was told that his request needs the intervention of almost all of his relatives.

little did he knew, she was in a dilemma too as she didn’t know how to tell her boyfriend about it. the boyfriend was her first love and he was already saving for their future together. she felt bad about traditions and for a time hated the fact that she was tsinoy. she was confused and tried eloping with the boyfriend but was caught and punished by her parents.

two months before the date of their formal meeting, he decided to see her. he was thinking maybe they could both find a way out. and so he saw her for the first time, in the flesh, it was a short talk and he hated himself for not paying too much attention into what she was saying, he was distracted and he felt that his heart was skipping a beat. and so he asked her if they could meet again.

she didnt like him. her impression was: “he was arrogant, akala eh napakagandang lalaki, sobrang makatingin, at hinawakan agad ang kamay ko”. she was so sure of what she wanted at that moment, she will never marry that guy. the more that she wanted to get out of the situation but the harder she tried the more that she was feeling the pain. it was useless to fight.

so they saw each other four more times before the formal meeting arranged in a typical clannish tradition. it was held in a Chinese restaurant with both of their parents and relatives expressing happiness for the new partnership. she cried a river the night before the event so her eyes were swollen and when he noticed it he said, in fookien, “ang ganda ng mga mata mo”. she wanted to kick him and tell him to leave her alone but its pointless to argue. she got pissed off when she saw him smirking, with his eyebrows twitched. “i hate you, i will never marry you”, she whispered to him while they were dancing of which he replied, “neither do i”, and gave her a wink.

they became officially “on” that night. and their families became “officially” business partners too. it became an obligation for both of them to see each other and follow the tradition. as days went by, she was beginning to see who he really was and sort of admired his patience on her. he was surprised of his discoveries of her too and was happy to have known her. and so he told himself its time to open my heart. he thought she would be doing the same but to his dismay, she was cold, platonic and civil to him. 

they were together for two years and he knew she was not happy. he told his parents about it but felt bad because his parents told her parents about it and she was scolded for being cold to her future husband. she hated him more.

when the business partnership of both family got into some economic setbacks, the relationship of his parents and her parents got affected. she saw the event as God’s answer to her prayers. and when her father severed his business ties with his father and brought them to the United States to start anew, she was relieved.

and so she was free from him. she was happy for the freedom and thought that the agreement of both family with regards to their marriage were now gone. and so she lived her new life with such thought. it was a bliss.

but five years after…..a familiar face, a familiar smile greeted her one summer Sunday in a small park in Los Angeles California. it was him. so they talked and talked like old friends and for the first time she felt that she missed him. they’ve decided to meet at that park the next day. the meeting became so regular that even her and his parents were shocked with the sudden turn of events. they became friends–much to his and her surprised. “so this is what we’ve missed back then”, he thought.

to make the long story short (ha ha ha, baka boring na eh)….they finally fell in love and two years after meeting each other again…decided to get married at the United Methodist Church of El Segundo, Los Angeles California on June 15, 1967. 


forty years after……they had five (5) children; 3 sons and 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren, 1 daughter in law, bought some properties, established small business and both of them has provided for the family well — financially, spiritually, intellectually and materially.

dad is in san francisco and mommy is here but with the power of technology….we will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary together……as one family…..via teleconferencing…june 15, 9pm, Philippine time which is approximately around 6am, june 15, san francisco time.

happy 40th wedding anniversary to the best couple in the world! i love you so much mom and dad! i will never stop thanking God for giving the two of you to me.

“the examples lived. the faith instilled. and the lessons taught. all gifts that both of you has given us will never be forgotten”


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  1. 1

    yeena said,

    Oh shucks! sobrang ganda naman ng love story nila. nakaka-inspire at nakaka in love. please greet them for me. so ganda your blog promise!

  2. 2

    dec said,

    pang telenovela ito cuz! ganda-ganda. happy anniversary sa kanila. miss u po.

  3. 3

    angie said,

    di na ako nagtataka bakit ang gwapo mo. look naman how gorgeous ur parents are. good genes ha. happy anniversary sa kanila. God bless.

  4. 4

    kajo said,

    pre, di ba birthday din ni pia? wala bang blog ha ha ha o date? happy anniversary kay tito at tita. God bless pre.

  5. 5

    claire said,

    happy anniversary.theirs is a beautiful love story. it shows lang na if you are meant to be you are meant to be. nakaka-inspire. thanks for sharing.

  6. 6

    pia said,

    ang kilig ng love story nila yung parang pang romance novels 🙂 your mom is really sweet. belated happy wedding anniversary to your mom and dad. tc po.

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