a peek inside my mobile companion

and so they call this “cellphone survey” and i was tagged to play. so here’s a peek inside my mobile companion:

what is the color of your phone: black

what is the brand name/model of your phone: Xda Atom Exec (pocket pc)


who’s the first person that comes under the letter “M”? Macel, a cousin

who’s the last person you called? kuya henry in san francisco

 who was your last missed call? a stranger, 0918922xxxx, number not in my phone book, the call came in at around 11:25pm, june 19

who’s the second person that comes up under “D”? Danna, a classmate in college

who’s at speed dial number 2? yei, my sister

who’s the third person that comes up under J? Jack of Honda Cars

who was your last received call? Pia, a good friend who called just to say good night

who’s speed dial number 3? reese, my baby sister

what is your background? i’m not much into downloading themes, i’m just using the default

how many text messages do you have? 145 on my inbox and 56 in my sent folder (i keep the old, memorable, nice messages)

what does the fifth message in your inbox say? “no prob. i understand :)”

who’s the first person under “b”? Bart, my cousin

who sent the last sms for the day and what does it says? from her, it says “ok? panu?”

who’s speed dial number 7? mags, my bestfriend

who’s the 5th person on your missed call list? ching of nestle philippines

what does the 6th message in your sent folder says? “yeah i know and i feel so stupid”

who’s the first name on your phonebook? Aba, my “healthy” cousin 🙂 her real name is theresa, but we call her “aba” which is short for “taba”

who’s the last name in your phonebook? Zia, a cousin

what are your favorite features of your phone? it has a windows mobile 5.0 software, i love the portable infrared keyboard, the built-in wireless LAN, window’s media player 10 with equalizer and the radio

who’s the last name under “G“? Grace, my cousin

who’s the first person under “R“?  Rachelle, a friend from BPI

what is your ringtone? for text: cuppy cake (ha ha ha) for call: wait for you

any plans of selling/trading in your phone? none at this time

what is the last name under “S”? Syanie, a friend

-end of survey-


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  1. 1

    jude said,

    astig ng phone mo pre. 🙂

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