i want a camaro :)

finally, napanood ko na rin 🙂

i was at glorieta cinema 5 this afternoon with my son and some cousins and we watched transformers the movie.wow!!! bumble bee, my favorite auto-bot, is now a chevy camaro. i remember in the animated series, “the bee” is just a volkswagen beetle.


although i’ve read a lot of good reviews about the movie, i still thought that its the typical animated-series-turned-into-movie thing but it was much more than i had ever expected. the visual effects really blew me away. in most of the fighting scenes, you wouldn’t think that the effects are just computer generated, they look so real.

but i did miss my favorite bumble bee line (he always say this in the animated series)

to know others, you must know yourself first”



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  1. 1

    lanie said,

    sobrang ganda nito cuz as in. ako nga 2 times kong pinanood. buti nahanap ko tong blog mo. ang ganda. congrats.

  2. 2

    little light said,

    bumblebee is my favorite, too. he was sweet, thoughtful, and playful. 🙂

    thanks for the comment you left on my blog, by the way. i enjoyed visiting your blog, too, and i am linking it, if you dont mind.

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