a visit to my angkong’s farm

july 22; sunday

went home to sta maria bulacan today. left makati at around 6:30 am and arrived at our local church just in time for the 9am worship service.met up with my family and relatives after church and we all proceeded to angkong’s farm in barangay silangan.

i was excited to see the farm coz i’ve never been there for almost a year now. my physical condition has prevented me from going home to bulacan and visit it and it feels great to be able to see the place and enjoy the company of my relatives. 

this is the entrance to the farm and i felt nostalgic when i saw it. i remember my first trip in this place, i was about 10 years old, a new kid on the block. i can still remember how  amazed i was with all the greens around me. the farm is one of the nicest place i’ve ever seen.

this is the path way leading to the inner part of the farm. i used to race here with my cousins, we will run and run and laughed at ourselves. i love running around the trees.  i missed angkong’s voice telling me to be careful because i might run into the house of “ingkong”or “nuno sa punso” and he’ll make my “thing” as big as my arm and i wouldn’t be able to walk again. that thought made me smile. i then looked at my feet and let go of a deep sigh. how can i run with this cane?

the farm is being maintained by an uncle, tito carling. he has a house in the farm just near a small creek where his family lives. we had our lunch there.

this is the barn where most of the farm’s produced are kept. when angkong was still alive, we, me and my cousins, used to go here to sit and listen to his war stories. there used to be a hammock hanging near the door and we love to sit there and sleep. i checked on the barn before leaving the place and it needs a major repair. 😦

this is the road leading to the water tank, the fields where most of the vegetables are planted then to my uncle’s place. i really love the trees on this part of the farm.


and this is the water tank. whenever we play hide and seek, i always hide in that “house-like” thing near the tower where the water pump is located. i will never forget that time when i went there to hide and i was almost biten by a snake. from then on, i avoided the water tank and contented myself in hiding behind the trees.

i was so surprised to see angkong’s pick up near the barn. uncle carling said its no longer running but he doesn’t have the heart to sell it to a junk shop.he said he wants to keep it there—just exactly where angkong used to park his most cherished vehicle.

i used to think that angkong is a reckless driver. he drives fast, steps on the break like a racer and he loves to curse every vehicle that cuts his way on the road. i also find him really really gross whenever he spits outside the window. but i remember one time he let me sit on his lap while he was driving and he asked me to hold the steering wheel. while his hands were on my hands, he moved the wheel and told me “drive drive lex”.from then on i told myself that when i grow up i’ll buy a car and then give angkong a ride.

when i was about to walk inside my uncle’s place, this scene caught my attention:

wow cockfighting! boyet, my cousin, told me that these roosters are his and they don’t really fight, they just play. i watched them do their thing for about 10 mins and then went up to the house to eat lunch.

this made me salivate. i was told that this mouth-watering palabok was made by an aunt. it was delicious but i can’t eat as much as i want to. diet restrictions due to my condition. damn. 😦

these are “binuntis na palaka” but don’t ask me who made them pregnant 🙂     

i almost lost my appetite when i saw this menu on the table and an aunt told me that i couldn’t go back to makati unless i eat one. i chose the smallest one and chewed it with my eyes close while holding a glass of water. the frog was deep fried and the body was stuffed with ground frog meat, potatoes, onions and red bell pepper. you have to dip it to a vinegar concoction before eating. it taste good but please don’t make me eat one again.


thank God! this roasted chicken gave me a sign of relief. what a joy! he he he

they call this “lumpiang sariwa” and my mom was the one who cooked it.vegetables!!!!

after lunch, i went for a walk at the back of the house and surveyed the road going to the small creek. i remembered angkong, i can almost hear his footsteps touching the old leaves, his voice telling me to hurry up, his stories on how much he bought the 14-hectare farm and his plans for it.

now that his 14 children are about to go for the partition of the land which is their common property/inheritance, i began to wonder, what it will look like after that. will it stay the same? what will happen to the trees? i heard some of my aunts and uncles, most of them in california, are planning to sell their shares and they already have buyers. i can almost hear angkong cursing them. strangers will be entering our family’s sanctuary. i felt sad about these thoughts.

i decided not to go to the creek and just go back to my uncle’s place using the other path, exploring the other side of the farm and then i stumbled into this beautiful flower

mom said this is called “birds of paradise” and it made me smile. back then, this place was “paradise” for angkong, ahma and the rest of the family. this was where the family stays after the Sunday worship service, they go here to celebrate birthdays, christmas, new year’s eve, wedding anniversaries, or just plain family get-together. this was the place where angkong built most of his dreams for his children and grand children. dad said angkong has been dreaming of having a farm so when he bought this place he was extremely proud and excited. he spent most of his time here—cultivating the land, making it as productive as possible.

when we were about to leave the place, i gave uncle carling a big, tight hug and then i surveyed the place one last time. i plan to come back soon and take more pictures, go to the creek and reminisce, try climbing a tree, or just roll over the green grass. i know angkong is watching over there….in the clouds….looking at his family….sending his love..

i wiped my tears and then rode my CRV with a smile.



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  1. 1

    Lian =) said,

    Wow Lex! Angkong’s farm is really a relaxing place to go to.. You should visit his farm more often.. Far from the city noise and pollution.. A very nice place for you to enjoy the beauty of nature..the beauty of life.. Be strong Lex! Everything will be alright, in God’s time!! =) Take care and God bless! =)

  2. 2

    dec said,

    waaah!! i missed it! sama ako pagbalik mo ha. i miss this place talaga. waaah!

  3. 3

    jude said,

    tara punta tayo dito ulit dude! parang ang sarap mag muni-muni dito.

  4. 4

    pong said,

    dude, dito masarap ipasyal si lian…..este…si jessica…este..pia…este donna pala…he he he..sino nga ba?

  5. 5

    thuy said,

    sarap ba ng kokak? he he he tara balik tayo sa friday, overnight, magbonfire tayo yung gaya ng dating ginagawa natin nung buhay pa si ik-ik. wala lang kwentuhan lang. ganda ng mga kuha mo pinsan. God bless.

  6. 6

    red said,

    kuya, i love the photos!!! see you next sunday!

  7. 7

    anna said,

    ang ganda naman. love the trees.

  8. 8

    yang said,

    oist sama mo kami pagbalik mo. take care. miss ka na namin.

  9. 9

    jet said,

    ang ganda ng lugar =)…pero jozmio! the horror!….ang palaka kokak kakatakot pag luto lols =P

  10. 10

    sed said,

    great shot! didn’t expect that angkong’s farm could be this beautiful in photos he he he. you should go home to bulacan more often. take care kuya.

  11. 11

    pia said,

    when are we going back? pero i dont like the frog ha. ewww!! afraid ako. 🙂 i want to see the creek. take care tsi!

  12. 12

    chippy said,

    kuya, bakit kaya laging nasa top post mo tong farm ni angkong? wala lang curious lang. 🙂

    lex: hi cousin chips. kumusta na? di ko din alam eh. angkong’s spirit is reading my blog he he he…take care. God bless sa studies.

  13. 13

    dhez said,

    huwaw ang sarap nmn nito! kaya lang diko pa na try ang fried frog.keep well 🙂

    lex: try it. wala namang kakaibang taste. thanks for visiting my site. God bless.

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