thank you Lou!

i didn’t know that through blogging i would be able to meet people who will deeply care for me, who will pray for me and who will lift my spirit up and encourage me to go on with my battle. it was a blessing to have found here at wordpress a support group for people with leukemia. i’ve learned a lot from their blogs, their sharings and online advise. it has given me a sense of belonging and it was a source of strength and inspiration.

today when i opened my email, i got an alert from a friend has sent me a message. and i was so moved when i read her piece. i’ve decided to put a copy of her letter here not for my own self-gratification, but as as sign of my deep appreciation for her concern and for being a friend. Thank you so much Lou. I hope you won’t get mad at me because i published your letter here. God bless you.

“July 26, 2007


Hello my dear imeem friends,

In our busy and stressful lives, imeem is really one great escapade…listening to music, meeting new friends, sharing common interests, exchanging funny/ sweet comments, expressing deep sentiments etc..etc..etc…

Most of us doesnt know each other personally…but it doesnt matter to me, because i believe most of us here in imeem are passionate , hopeless romantic music lovers,and kindhearted individuals and i find it comfortable to share with you guys some inner thoughts that i have lately…

I have been blog hopping lately, i find it so interesting… until one day i bumped into one blogsite which captured my sentiments and emotions…fortunately the blog owner of this site is an imeem member and has no friend in his profile. I was deeply touched with his blogs/posts that i requested him to add me to his network. I read his blogs all the time…and jus like him, i also have a lot of trials and tribultions in life…but gosh…he made a difference in my life…I was inspired and felt truly blessed for not going through what he is having right now…

and for this matter i would like to reach out to you guys…Please visit his website to know him more (… I hope that in our own little way we can make a little difference in his life and also in our lives…
maybe we can add him to our friendslist?
maybe we can be really friends with him?
maybe we can include him in our prayers?
maybe we can communicate with him even thru e-power?
maybe giving him a little thought that somewhere…somehow…there are people like us no matter how busy, stressed and imeem addicts we are…
yet, we sympathize with him, we feel his agony, who understands his situation, who wishes the best for him? what do you think my friends? just a thought…

anyways, my apologies for being so emote today…bawi ako sa susunod…

lou /
a.k.a. NYNAVI


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  1. 1

    lou said,

    hi lex,

    ako nga ang nahihiya sayo with what happened…felt so stupid n dumb n careless, bakit pati ikaw na send-an ko ng letter,hope u understand my katimangan ( tao lang po)…
    thanks for touching my life with your blogs…”I feel you”…Isa kang inspirasyon, kaya wag susuko sa laban…GOD is so good…I believe He has a purpose in all these things thats happening in our lives.

    ingat at pagaling ka agad…d2 lang kami…


  2. 2

    claire said,

    kita mo na lex ang daming nagmamahal at sumusuporta sa iyo. you are such an inspiration. keep on fighting. we are all behind you. God bless.

  3. 3

    yang said,

    wow talagang marami ang nata-touched ng blog mo. keep on writing and continue to be a blessing to all of us. we love you. keep the faith. see you this weekend.

  4. 4

    belle said,

    yeah you are indeed a blessing so keep on inspiring people. love yah!

  5. 5

    pia said,

    kita mo na di naman kita binobola when i said na nakaka-inspire at ang ganda ng mga blog mo. tsi, you really inspire me 🙂 take care po. i’m always here for you.

  6. 6

    red said,

    hi kuya. keep on writing. i’m glad kasi you are gaining friends meaning dumadami kami na nagpe-pray sa yo. take care po.

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