never out of HIS grace

i met up with my neurologist this afternoon and finally got the results of my spinal tap.

spinal tap or more commonly known as lumbar puncture is a procedure used to collect and examine the CSF or cerebro spinal fluid, the fluid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord. i had this test twice already and i can say that it was a very “uncomfortable” procedure. i had to lie on my side with my knees drawn up toward my chest, then a local anesthetic was applied and my neurologist inserted a long and thin needle into my spinal canal and took some CSF samples. the procedure lasted for i think about 40 minutes.

so today, i sat down with my neurologist and she explained to me the results of my spinal tap. i was told that the following are the components being looked at during the CSF examination; appearance, pressure, protein, glucose, cell counts and other relevant findings. so based on these aspects, my neurologist gave me a very detailed explanation on the condition of the CSF taken from me after 6 cycles of chemo therapy.

  • appearance: clear and colorless (a sign that the CSF is “normal”)
  • pressure: 160 millimeters (mm) water (i was told that the normal CSF pressure for an adult ranges from 80 to 200 mm water)
  • glucose: 80% of the blood glucose level (the normal range of the CSF’s glucose content is at least 60-70%; so in my case i was told that my glucose is quite higher than normal and i have a high risk of getting diabetes)
  • cell counts: no rbc (the neurologist said this is normal); wbc count is 5 wbc’s per cubic millimeter with very slight abnormalities (i was told that the normal count is 0 to 5 wbc’s per cubic millimeter); neutrophils: not present; lympho is 5 per cubic millimeter (the normal count is only 0 to 4 per millimeter)
  • other findings: viral organism found (that’s because i have colds when the CSF was taken); no bacteria, no fungi and no tumor cells found. no bacterila markers and no cultures or stains

although the results is not 100% okay, my neurologist told me that there were major improvements from the present results as compared to the results of my spinal tap which was made before i went into chemo therapy. she encouraged me to be positive and to continue with my medication and live a healthy lifestyle. (opps)

the result was a great encouragement really. on my way home, i can’t help but think about God’s goodness in my life and i just found myself  crying while praying silently. what have i done to deserve such mercy dear Lord? i’m a sinner, a coward, a cry-baby and a stubborn man. God’s unconditional love is really a one of a kind, awesome love.

i can’t thank Him enough for this blessing. and i want to say thank you to my family, relatives and my friends who prayed and are continuously praying for me. words are not enough to express my appreciation.

tonight, i’ve again read the results of my spinal tap and then whispered a “thank you” prayer to the Great Healer. i believe that He is consistently working on me; that journey from brokenman to betterman is in progress, and I just know that from the start up to the end of that journey i will never be out of His grace.

thank you my Lord and Savior, my whole being is in awe of You!


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  1. 1

    Way to go Lex. Soon you’ll be better. TC.

  2. 2

    nona said,

    i’m happy that your tests are getting good results. i bet you’ll be well and in good shape soon. miss yah!

  3. 3

    claire said,

    thank God for the good test results. just keep on trusting Him. I know that He will heal you. God bless Lex. take care always.

  4. 4

    reese said,

    thank God for the answered prayers. i know He will make you well. love you po yaku.

  5. 5

    lou said,

    thats good news lex…keep your faith burning mah pren…yngats palagi k?Godbless!

  6. 6

    dec said,

    wow kuya. way to go!! God bless.

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