is it regression?

i thought i’m doing good. i’ve decided to move on. i’ve started to get myself out of my “sadness” shell. i’m starting to meet new people, focusing on my medication, finding myself again, making some baby steps, learning to live one day at a time, telling myself i’ll get use to it, that i’ll be okay, that sooner or later i’ll forget about her and missing her will be history, that the pain will soon go away…..and then all of a sudden…………….BOOM!!!

so we are talking again….planning to see each other….talk and fix things (that’s what she said)……the urge to be with her is back

i think this is called regression….i think i’m moving backward….going back…..looking back….

question: is moving on doesn’t mean going back? but the past is part of the present and the foundation of the future isn’t it? what if there’s something in the past that you think you can still fix in the present, is fixing that thing means going back? is getting rid of “what ifs” a big “n0 no” when you are moving on?

i better get myself out of this confusion fast….i want to be happy….i deserve to be happy……and i have to do something that will make me happy

oh well…..that would be a great thought for tonight….i better sleep now…..i just know that there’s nothing that will happen to me that HE and I can’t handle 🙂

HE is the great lover……HE will definitely tell me what to do and this “love” problem will be over soon! 🙂


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  1. 1

    belle said,

    not a good idea really. you need to fight that regression lex. move forward!!!!

  2. 2

    bong said,

    kung saan ka magiging masaya pre doon ka. weigh things over. you can look back sa mga nangyari kasi makakatulong yun para makapag-isip ka. kung ano ang tingin mo na dapat gawin yun ang gawin mo. kung mahal nyo pa ang isat-isa why not give it another try. god bless pre.

  3. 3

    rod said,

    you can fix things but not necessarily going back together. kung may mga bagay na di napagusapan at di naaayos bago kayo naghiwalay puwede nyo yun ayusin so both of you could have a formal closure. give yourself a break buddy. God bless.

  4. 4

    randy said,

    wala pa bang boyfriend yang ex mo? nakita ko yan dati na may ka-date at ka-PDA sa may makati. baka naman gusto lang na maging maayos ang break up nyo. pre, dapat wala ka na lang expectations ituloy mo na lang yang moving on mo at mag-focus ka na lang kay pia he he he sa totoo lang pre, iba yung tunog ng tawa mo pag si pia ang topic. goodluck pre. kelan ang next siomai at heineken session natin?

  5. 5

    dec said,

    cuz, don’t be confused na. continue what you’ve started. i’m sure madaming magbabago once you get to talk to her. if you are determine to move on, this thing should not distract you. i’m here lang if you need someone to talk. love yah!

  6. 6

    claire said,

    i don’t think its regression. maybe you are just straigthening the path so you can move forward. just go with the flow. don’t let it stop you from moving on and be happy. love you friend. God bless.

  7. 7

    mincy said,

    hi. i guess she just wanted to see you so both of you can really move on and get on with your lives para walang naka-hang. di ba sabi mo dati you feel you owe her these explanations and somehow she owes you explanations too. so siguro yun ang dapat nyong gawin then after nun saka kayo magdecide kung ano ang gagawin or if both of you are ready to take it further like friendship ulit. yun na muna cuz. i agree na dapat di ka ma-distract, move on and be happy coz you deserve it. take care and take it easy.

  8. 8

    nina said,

    kung anong decision mo cuz i’m supporting you. basta dapat yung magiging masaya ka. love you. wag ka na ma-confuse kasi masaya ka na eh. stay happy.

  9. 9

    red said,

    akala ko ba kuya may decision ka na? 😦 you had enough of the pains. i think you are better off without her. ingat po.

  10. 10

    chelle said,

    ay ganun? u forgot na ba na for a time she wished you dead? i hope you’ll think wisely. siguro magusap na lang nga kayo para maging formal ang closure. oh well, goodluck. take care.

  11. 11

    jepoy said,

    huwag mo na lang kausapin pre. tapos na kayo di ba. hayaan mo na lang sya. maraming mas maganda dyan. kumusta kayo ni pia? 🙂

  12. 12

    yang said,

    don’t confuse yourself. as long as alam mo what you want there’s no need for you to be confused. since sabi naman nya fix things baka yung mga bagay lang na di naayos nung naghiwalay kayo (you know what i’m talking about right?) give it to her, open up and tell her everything na gusto nyang malaman and then ask her yung lahat ng gusto mong itanong sa kanya. don’t jump into something na wala pa or baka wala na. just don’t let it affect your decision to move on. God bless lex. kaya yan.

  13. 13

    pinky said,

    so you two are talking again ha. kinakausap mo naman. kasi sa aminin mo man o hindi mahal mo pa sya. kaya ka confused kasi yang expectations mo na baka mahal ka pa, baka puwede pa kayo nandyan pa rin sa utak mo alexandro. move on for real bro. are you ready na ba na kausapin sya? paano kung awayin ka? sigawan ka? kaya mo na ba i-handle yun? dapat lang ready ka na tanggapin lahat ng sasabihin nya. hindi yung puro iyak ka. at wag kang mag-expect ng kahit ano.malay mo may bf na nga sya at saan ka na naman pupulitin nyan pag nag expect ka? ikaw na naman ang iniwan at sya na naman ang nang-iwan. ikaw na naman ang nasa losing end. hay naku alexandro! 😦 (medyo high blood lang ang comment ko pero love kita ha! wag kang magtatampo sa akin!)

  14. 14

    brutus said,

    wag kang pauto pre. kay pia ka na lang.

  15. 15

    carol said,

    i hope and pray na maging maayos ang pagkikita at paguusap ninyo. i guess its about time na nga na magkita na kayo at makapag usap. baka this time wala na masyado ang pain kasi matagal na rin naman kayong wala. God bless.

  16. 16

    jude said,

    wala naman siguro masama sa talking and fixing things. parang normal na yan sa mga in a relationship na naghiwalay. makakatulong yan para pareho kayong maka move on ng maayos. God bless.

  17. 17

    mabel said,

    lex, don’t make a big fuss out of it. eh di magusap kayo. for whatever reason and purpose it is, i believe okey lang yun. malay mo it could be the start of something beautiful not necessarily romantic but beautiful. hayan ha positive ang comment ko. wag ka na mag-emote oy. take care.

  18. 18

    gem said,

    show up lex. i think yun ang gusto nya. kung magkita na kayo i know things will fall in their right places. cheer up na. goodluck.

  19. 19

    dana said,

    so what do we have here. suddenly there’s a surge of comment for this particular entry. yeah i agree. what’s the problem with fixing things and talking things out? i think after all that’s been said and done, after all the pain and the bad words, both of you deserve some moment of really talking things out PERSONALLY. but be careful also. take things as they are lex. i’m praying for you my dear cousin. love yah!

  20. 20

    gideon said,

    its ur life yaku. its ur decision. choose to be happy. God bless.

  21. 21

    melay said,

    i’m positive na God will give you guidance para di ka na ma-confuse. God bless po kuya. stay happy and gwapo. lol!

  22. 22

    geoff said,

    ito ba yung ex mo na reporter ng gma? yung iniiyakan mo? naks naman goodluck dude. gwapo mo talaga.

  23. 23

    Mari said,

    Lex, you are given the faculty to decern about things that will greatly affect your life especially your future. Now is the best time to make use of it. Ask yourself what you really want. Then go for it!!! But you have also to understand fully everything that leads to where you are right now, the pains that you’ve been through. Now, if you are really want to go through that stage again, its ur choice. You’ve been progressing slowly, which i am happy of, but what am sad about is you can be easily persuaded with her sweet talks( sweet talks nga ba? If i remember it right, you told me that she was calling you names).. but if u see it that u really need to talk go ahead, finish the unfinished business between you and her, but do it in your terms not hers. You’ve been blinded by your love for her, and i hope she realized that now that she cant find anyone who will love her the way you do…and I hope that all things between you and her will be cleared out and put in proper perspective…You deserve to be happy mi caro amigo… take care and God bless… te quiero:-*

  24. 24

    thuy said,

    i’m sure pia will understand, tama ba pinsan? 🙂

  25. 25

    adi said,

    and so what’s wrong with talking and fixing things? at hoy wag kang iyakin ha pag nagusap kayo. for all you know baka nga formal closure ang gusto nyan kaya dapat ready ka at puhleeassee lang lexito tigilan mo yang pagsesenti mo. over ka. pakiss nga pakshet gwapo mo dong talaga!

  26. 26

    adi said,

    nga pala nakita ko din dati yang ex mo sa may discovery may ka-date pero mukhang “pa-mhin-ta” naman. o di mo naintindihan ang ibig sabihin ng “pa-mhin-ta”? poota wag kang iyakin lex. kahit gwapo ka turn off pag iyakin. o pakiss na. siyet ako ba to? whatever.

  27. 27

    bernice said,

    matagal naman na kayong break di ba. ano pa paguusapan nyo? saka pre, di totoo na yung mag-ex eh puwedeng maging magkaibigan. sayang lang ang time. mag-focus ka na lang kay pia he he he. opinyon lang pre ha!

  28. 28

    mita said,

    no lex it is not regression, its plain stupidity!!!!! don’t waste your time. move on and be happy. give yourself a break with pia. ano ka ba? grrrr

  29. 29

    spencer said,

    brod, kumusta? talagang si love anover pa rin ha? tsk tsk tsk. paano si pia? si donna? tamang gwapito ka talaga. ingat brod!

  30. 30

    dayang said,

    its not worth it lex. maniniwala ka pa ba sa kanya? move on friend. tama na. you don’t deserve her.

  31. 31

    mildred said,

    open your eyes lex. i’m sure you will clearly discern the intentions and sincerity. if you think she has “double standards” (sorry to borrow donna’s term) then there’s doubt already. you are not that dumb to know these things. come on friend, you better stick to your hunch. you are so better off without her or any trace of her in your system. if she believes that you are a fucking-lying-asshole-not existing-evil-bastard why would the fuck she still wants to meet up with you? to fix things? oh cut the crap. you believe her? don’t be stupid.

  32. 32

    gobbie said,

    oks lang yan pre. dont worry be happy. heineken na! love you man!

  33. 33

    dongski said,

    mawawala din yang urge na yan pre. heineken ang katapat! ha ha ha….sensya na at baka isipin ng mga nagbabasa ng blog mo lasenggo ka…pari ho ito…mabait na tao…baliw magmahal….spoiler ng girlfriend…iyakin…minsan parang walang balls…he he he…amputsa alexandro!!!

  34. 34

    vincent said,

    anak ng tupa ka dong, bakit mo sinabi na walang balls minsan si lex baka umiyak yan he he he nasaan ang wet tissue he he he at ang ventolin inhaler he he he

    next time ako na magdadala ng dvd, may nabili ko sa quiapo, wapak sa ganda, triple x, mag-eenjoy si dong. pauwiin mo lang agad si bret kasi baka i-cast out tayo. he he he

    tinuod gid man bords! 🙂

  35. 35

    bling said,

    wag na. move on. baka ang gusto lang ng ex mo eh malaman if you are still into her. wag ka na magpa uto. si pia na lang ang bigyan mo ng time. ayos ba? 🙂

  36. 36

    dotie said,

    hi cuz. finally nabasa ko na rin ang most commented entry dito sa blog mo. so, ano na? did you give in to what she wants? you believed her? come on cuz. mas better kung mag-move on ka na lang. or kung mag-uusap kayo dapat wala kang expectations. kung may unfinished business eh di tapusin then move on na. stay happy. love yah!

  37. 37

    fred said,

    kuya, decide on what you really want and yung sa tingin mo will make you happy. wag kang matakot. ang importante wala kang pagsisisihan sa desisyon na gagawin mo. God bless po.

  38. 38

    john said,

    ok lang yan dude usap lang naman di ba? wag mo lang isasama si pia. opps..he he he.

  39. 39

    brokenman said,

    @guys, thanks sa comments. pls pray for me. God bless.

  40. 40

    JeanGrey said,

    hmmm ang daling magsabi na “tama na… move on na…” pero iba talaga kapag ikaw yung involve sa situation… wag ka mag-alala makakamove on ka rin… wag mo na lang po sigurong masyadong i-pressure yung sarili mo sa kakaisip… isang araw magigising ka na lang… wala na ang sakit… magiging masaya ka na ulit 😉

    aray… eto rin yata ang kailangan kong sabihin sa sarili ko… hehehe

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