tagged twice

i was tagged twice so finally i’m giving in….read at your own risk 🙂

all about food

q: what is your salad dressing of choice? a: thousand island

q: what are your favorite fast food restos? a: mcdonald’s, tokyo-tokyo, wendy’s, taco bell

q: what is your favorite fine dining resto? a: yaku japanese resto 🙂  max’s, crustasia, california pizza kitchen

q: how generous are you in giving tips? a: an average tipper

q: what food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of it? a: hmmm…spam, roasted chicken, raisin bread, bic mac

q: what do you like to put on your toast? a: orange marmalade and butter

q: what is your typical breakfast? a: oatmeal, toast, turkey bacon, orange juice, banana

all about biology

q: are you right-handed or left-handed? a: left-handed

q: have you ever had anything removed from your body? a: appendix and foreskin 🙂

q: what is the last heavy item you lifted? a: side table in my room

q: how long is your “twang” when erected? a: hmmm. i don’t measure it…better ask my ex’s (wink!) i think its about 7 inches

all about bullcrapology

q: if you could change your name what would you change it to? a: i like my name

q: what color do you think looks best in you? a: green i think

q: have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? a: yes

all about dareology

q: would you kiss a member of the same sex for P10M? a: wow 10m! french kiss? ha ha ha

q: would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for P50M? a: hmmm…no

q: would you pose naked in a magazine for P100M? a: wow sure!:)

q: would you drink a big bottle of hot sauce for P50M? a: sure

all about dumbology

q: what is in your left pocket? a: wearing boxers; no pocket

q: do you have hardwood or carpet in your pad? a: carpet

q: at present, how many pairs of flip do you own? a: 8 pairs

q: what is your first ambition? a: to become a pilot and join the Philippine Air Force

q: do you masturbate while taking a shower? a: no, i sing in the shower

all about lastology

q: person you’ve talked to on the phone? a: pia

q: last person who called you? a: pia

q: last person you hugged? a: my mom

q: last person on your mind? a: ex gf

all about favorites

q: number? a: 7

q: season? a: winter

q: soda drink? a: coca cola

q: burger? a: big mac and bacon mushroom melt

q: street food? a: orange egg, fishball, barbeque (from UP diliman)

q: books? a: john grisham novels

q: colors? a: blue, green, black, brown

q: carbonara or tomato sauce? a: tomato sauce

q: abs-cbn or gma? a: err….ahh…..cartoon network 🙂

all about currentology

q: missing someone? a: yes soooooooooooo much 😦

q: mood? a: confused

q: listening to? a: ai mei by rainie yang

q: watching? a: tv is not open

q: worrying about? a: lot of things

all about randomlogy

q: first place you went this morning? a: bathroom

q: what can you not wait to do? a: dinner date on my birthday 🙂

q: what’s the last movie you saw on dvd? a: blood diamond

q: do you smile often? a: lately, yes

q: from the scale of 1-10, rate your sex appeal? a: 6 (and i’m being modest)

q:  do you sleep naked? a: sometimes

q: your current crush? a: that girl who will be doing marimar, marian rivera (hope i get the name right he he he)

q: magazine you are currently reading? a: FHM august edition

q: what are you wearing at this moment? a: a white L.A. Lakers’s ando and a blue boxers

q: will you be alone in your bed? a: yes 😦 sad sad sad

i tag whoever wants to be tagged


4 Tugon so far »

  1. 1

    che said,

    wow ok to ah! dami ko nalaman about you! 🙂

  2. 2

    vincent said,

    dapat you do the mary jane brod he he he. tagal mo nang walang syota eh. baka maging “kaong” na yan. he he he. peace man! beautiful si pia bagay kayo. 🙂

  3. 3

    ricky said,

    amp vicente! ha ha ha

  4. 4

    brokenman said,

    @che, thanks sa comment. sa sunday na start ng bar exams. God bless

    @enteng, kaong????

    @ricky, kumusta?

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