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i got mail (v.2)

i got my mails today and was suprised to find one from text link ads.


when i opened the envelope i found a check worth US$25. i was puzzled at first, then i remembered putting a text link ad to my blog a few months ago. according to the invoice, the money represents the August affiliate payment. wow!

too bad, i’ve already removed that link a month ago. stupid me. i tried putting it back today but i can’t seem to get it work. 😦

so this “moneytize your blog” stuff is indeed true. what about google ad-sense?

i’ll ask someone to deposit the check to my dollar account tomorrow. i hope it won’t turn out to be some kind of hoax. but come to think of it i’ve earned US$25 by just putting this button on my blog’s sidebar:


thanks to those who were curious enough to click the link. cool! 🙂

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