for ahma

what is a grandmother?

a grandmother is a remarkable woman

she’s a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness,

laughter and love

she overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams and praises our every success

a grandmother has a wisdom of a teacher,

the sincerity of a true friend and the tenderness of a mother.

she’s someone that we admire, respect and love very much

a grandmother will always have a cherished place in our memories and in our hearts

she’s someone for whom we want every happiness in return for the joys she always brings

a grandmother is a precious and dear thing in life

especially when she’s a grandmother like you

                          adopted from:

(remembering ahma on her 9th death anniversary last december 16, 2007)

wo xiang nian ni ahma


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  1. 1

    dec said,

    awww! i miss her too. i’m loving the snow sa blog mo. ang cute as in. how are you na cuz?? wag masyadong mag-isip. if its meant to happen it will happen. wink! love yah!

  2. 2

    repah said,

    hay kuya lex… naku namis ko ung blog mo binabalik balikan ko ito… yehey nagpost na ulit u!pinagpray tlga kita at isinama sa aking mga .wishes ng simbang gabi na bumilis ang recover mo..maligayang pasko!

  3. 3

    repah said,

    ay balik balik ako… namis ko pla ang aking lula! sa post na ito… hehehe… tgal ko na kcng di nkikita c lula.. ksama na xa ni pudang ko nagmigrate at di na babalik… hehehe

  4. 4

    Scarlett said,

    This entry made me miss my granny more. She died just a week ago.

    …. passed by from Ladyracer’s.

  5. 5

    brokenman said,

    @dec, nakakamiss talaga sya 😦 cute ng snow! take care cuz

    @repah, salamat sa prayers ha and i saw your entry for me sa blog mo maraming salamat talaga.

    @scarlett, my condolences. thanks for the visit.

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