new year…new blood

three days ago, i had my first blood transfusion for 2008—-two units of rbc. whew! what a way to start the new year!

but prior to the transfusion, i had a great time celebrating new year with my family. it was as if i’m a “normal guy” again, enjoying and doing the things that i usually do when new year comes.

oh well……… much as i wanted to add more stories to this post, the pain in my back is giving me difficulties plus i’ve spiked a fever this morning so i have to stop for now. please keep those prayers coming.

cheers for 2008!!!! 


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  1. 1

    etzhel said,

    HB! It’s a New Year indeed, time to let to leave the past behind and start smiling back @ life again. SmB(wink!)

  2. 2

    ladyracer said,

    nice to hear from you again. i hope you do get your rest. i observed that there are a lot… an i mean a lot of people praying for you since your last entry.

    only selected students will be assigned to SLMC. i’m not sure how they’re gonna select the students but i’m crossing my fingers. i also heard that our affiliation is not on the geriatric ward anymore but on oncology. sana nga i’d get the chance to see the facilities you posted in person.

    take care for now 🙂

  3. 3

    de said,

    hi cuz. how are u feeling now? may fever ka pa? here’s giving you a warm loving hug. miss you. God bless.

  4. 4

    sabby said,

    you look so goofy in your photos. loving the chicken legs lol! miss you na lex!

  5. 5

    repah said,

    wow.. happy new year.. aun my bagong post tgal kong hintay.. god bless..

  6. 6

    Maldito said,

    Get well soon brodah!aldo i dont know u that much, but ill include u on my prayers..

  7. 7

    ikay said,

    hi lex. awww my fever ka pa rin? napa-smile ako sa slide show mo. i know you are hurting and in pain pero you took time to make those “kengkoy” poses. lol! btw, nabasa ko ang blogspot blog mo. ikaw naman kasi eh, mag-move on ka na and be happy. miss you. take care.

  8. 8

    little freak said,

    Happy New Year!

    Get well soon.

  9. 9

    lou said,

    new year…new hope…new begginings for you… and all of us who keeps on praying for your full recovery…ingats!

  10. 10

    Lenggai said,

    get well soon! 😀

  11. 11

    belle said,

    happy new year lex!!!! hang in there okay. praying that you get better soon. you still owe me a frap remember? mwah!

  12. 12

    enteng said,

    kumusta parekoy? nakalabas ka na ba ng ospital? lapit na beerday ko, naalala ko sabi mo dati sasagutin mo siomai eh (saka fried chicken at tofu con lechon! he he he). pagaling ka pre. God bless.

  13. 13

    bret said,

    best bud, pagaling ka. salamat sa gifts. i hope you are doing well sa treatment mo. always remember that the light at the end of the tunnel may not appear as soon as you want it but you just have to believe that it will.lahat ng nangyari ay nangyari for a purpose and even if the whole world has fallen on us, God will never forsake us nor leave us. just go where your heart leads you but pray that it leads you to where God intends you to be. find your happiness and be at peace with yourself. a brave man is not always the one who can dare take the challenge of others but the one who can firmly say no, who can stand for his convictions and who fights for what he believes is right. God bless bro.

  14. 14

    topher said,

    kumusta parekoy? magpagaling ka na mabuti. ang daming magagandang chickas na naghihintay. bawal ang mukhang nuno sa punso ha ha ha grabe pare nabangungot ako sa video ha ha ha. ingat palagi. kita kits soon.

  15. 15

    brokenman said,

    @etz, happy new year. still saving a dream…wink!

    @ladyracer, yeah i’m so thankful sa mga tao na nagpe-pray for me. thanks and take care too

    @cuz dec, nawala yung “c”. toxic ba? may fever pa but i’ll be time..i miss you

    @sabby, thanks!

    @repah, happy new year too. God bless

    @maldito, thanks for the prayers. God bless.

    @ikay, thanks for the visit. how are you na? happy new year

    @little freak, thank you, happy new year too

    @lou, happy new year. thanks for the prayers. regards to your family

    @lenggai, salamat kapuso. happy new year!

    @belle, thanks for the visit.

    @enteng, yeah lapit na nga 🙂 happy beerday!

    @best bud bret, salamat sa words of wisdom. regards to yang and the kids

    @topher, ha? nuno sa punso? are we thinking of the same video? he he he. you saw it already? bilis mo naman.

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