done with my chemo

my consolidation chemo ended two days ago. thank GOD!

there were minor complications but the doctors’ said its manageable. i practically slept the whole day yesterday and now i can feel that my strength is slowly coming back. i’m still on liquid diet——mostly fruits/veggie juices and ensure—-and i’m starting to get really bored with it. i hope i would be given some soft solid foods soon.

most of my hives are dry now and i have an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow morning. i still have a slight fever and a cold. the coming days will be the period of waiting for my blood count to go up and regenerate with, hopefully, no leukemia cells. over the next 2 weeks, it is expected that my count will improve and then i will have another spinal tap to check if i’m already in complete remission.

i feel so relieved that things are now going as they should. i also have high hopes that my count will start to rebuild within the coming days. i thank GOD for His great love for me. without Him, i know i would not be able to survive the ordeal.

i also want to express my deepest gratitude to my doctors, to the nurses, to my family, to my relatives, friends, online friends, strangers—-everyone who prayed for me and journeyed with me—-God bless all of You!

please join me and my family in praying for complete remission! thanks again!

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  1. 1

    dec said,

    wow cuz! see, sabi sa’yo eh you will survive your treatment. i’m praying for complete remission. love yah. miss na kita talaga promise.

  2. 2

    pia said,

    so proud of you tsi! hugs!

  3. 3

    kengkay said,

    hi lex, am glad to hear that! sali ka sa EB this coming feb 24, hehehe

  4. 4

    foobarph said,

    yoohoo! lets celebrate!

    gawin natin eyeball sa bahay nyo, pwede kaya yun? ^_^

  5. 5

    ladyracer said,

    i do hope na continuous na ang paggaling mo 🙂

  6. 6

    danna said,

    hi cuz. when I woke up this morning and it was cold and windy with a nice little blanket of snow I was so envigorated! This weather just fills me with energy, and I hope that it gives you the same energy to continue to heal and progress towards your complete, healthy future! i love yah!

  7. 7

    olivia said,

    dear lex,

    No words can describe the admiration that I have for you.I wish you the best and a speedy recovery since there is nothing more we all want to see than that smile of yours. I know that nothing will stand in your way. Please know that your friends are forever by your side, cheering you on. God bless betterman! Love you.

    oli 🙂

  8. 9

    chong, first time ko sa blog mo. God Bless and hope you’ll have a quick recovery.

  9. 10

    Baylon said,

    you’re strong, man. i’ll pray for your continuous healing. again, be strong. just hold on to Him.

  10. 11

    watusiboy said,

    i’m praying for your complete recovery. stay strong. God bless.

  11. 12

    brokenman said,

    @dec, thanks sa prayers. God bless.

    @pia, thanks din. God bless

    @kengkay, hi. thanks for visiting my blog. may EB pala! 🙂

    @raymond, yeah God is good. hmm…EB sa bahay namin? pwede rin?

    @ladyracer, hoping and praying the same thing. thanks 🙂

    @danna, thanks cuz. God bless.

    @oli, thanks for your kind words. God bless. thanks sa card btw 🙂


    @bonniefazzyoo, salamat sa pag-visit sa blog ko. God bless

    @baylon, thanks. God bless.

    @watusiboy, thanks sa prayers. God bless.

  12. 13

    meman said,

    don’t worry, you’ll get through it. Hang in there!!

    lex: thanks meman. God bless.

  13. 14

    rhosie said,

    i know what you been through is not as easy as anyone can think…but i believed all things happening to our life happens for a good reason.God is a loving Father,i know He is guiding us in times of uncertainty…just have faith and hang on Him…everything will be fine…God bless

    lex: thanks for your kind words. i’m keeping the faith 🙂 God bless.

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