answered prayer

today, i finally got the result of my spinal tap.

after analyzing and comparing the blast cells on my latest spinal tap from the blast cells of my original bone marrow biopsy, the pathologist concluded that they look very different from the leukemic blast cells in the original biopsy and that the blast cells were normal immature cells.

my “early cell count” was only 4% and she said that anything below 5% is considered normal. so technically i’m in remission! yahooo!!!!  

i’ll be out of the hospital next week for my much needed rest and then i’ll go back to consolidation therapy after 1 month. the oncologist said that i can take the therapy as an out-patient and it will be for 2 months. if all goes well then we will proceed with the bone marrow transplant by mid-May.

i’m much overwhelmed by God’s great love for me. words are inadequate to describe the joy within me. thank you to my family for the unconditional love, my relatives, my doctors, nurses, friends, online friends and strangers who prayed for me and journeyed with me. thank you so much. He answered our prayers.

to my Lord and Savior, my Redeemer and Healer,  Jesus Christ, You are awesome! i worship You for who You are. thank you for Your faithfulness, thank you for Your Great love. I am in awe of You!

the journey from brokenman to betterman continues…….

standing here in Your presence, thinking of the good things You have done. waiting here patiently, just to hear the still small voice again

Holy, Righteous, Faithful ’till the end. Savior, Healer, Redeemer and Friend

I will worship You for who You are. I will worship You for who You are. I will worship You for who You are Jesus

My soul’s secure, Your promises’ sure. Your love endures always

I will worship You for who You are. I will worship You for who You are. I will worship You for who You are Jesus         

                     for who you are/hillsong australia


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  1. 1

    etzhel said,

    The very first time I chanced on you,
    I saw you sad yet, you were flying w/
    ‘broken wings’. Through you, we witnessed
    enormous strength & outstanding patience.
    Your faith empowered and healed you through
    God’s loving arms. He truly heals the brokenhearted
    & binds up their wounds. Soar high Betterman,
    you are no longer broken in my eyes.
    Smile for me, wink! 😉

  2. 2

    dec said,

    yehey!! grabe cuz i’m crying here. see ang bait bait ni God.i can’t wait to see you. basta tuloy tuloy lang ang pagiging positive ha.pagaling kang mabuti. love yah!

  3. 3

    lou said,

    weeeeee!!Thanks God for the good news Lex…love na love ka talaga ni Lord…ang saya saya ng balitang ito, cant wait to tell our imeem friends…yeeba, lets celebrate Lex, im really so amazed by your faith and love for our Lord…keep it up Bro…
    lou n family

  4. 4

    jude said,

    praise GOD! isang napakagandang balita nito dude. way to go! God bless.

  5. 5

    cass said,

    cuz, wow! thank God!! sabi na sa iyo eh you’ll get it this time. i’m so proud of you.your faith is really amazing.nakaka-inspire ka talaga. love you. God bless.

  6. 6

    topher said,

    whapak!!!! sana magtuloy tuloy na ang paggaling mo dude. heineken na!

  7. 7

    ate nette said,

    this is awesome lex! can’t wait to see you and give you a warm big hug. u’ve given it a good fight. God is so good.

  8. 8

    uncle bart and tita nievs said,

    Thanks for making our day with your good news!!
    we love yah!!! we owe you an UCLA jacket remember? love you lex.

  9. 9

    annie said,

    What a fabulous news! Cris is out of town and away from Internet access– in Calgary, of all places–and will be as ecstatic as I am when he learns of this latest development. I can’t wait to see you. love you cousin!

  10. 10

    yani said,


    Looking forward to seeing you–just waiting for this lingering cough to end…

    once again….yahoooooooooo!!

    God is so good!

    I hope you are still as gwapo as ever…makalaglag panty as they say..opps! hi hi hi 🙂

  11. 11

    Fr. Rolly said,

    I’m soo glad to hear the great news. I admire your courage, perseverance, and your incredibily positive attitude towards confronting this whole challenge. Continue to keep us posted with your blogs.

    Take care lex. God bless you always

  12. 12

    foobarph said,

    salamat sa Dios!

  13. 13

    pia said,

    i’m so proud of you tsi! He is really an awesome God! i’m praying for your complete healing. you take care always. hugs hugs hugs.

  14. 14

    ella said,

    The Lord is merciful and prayers are so powerful. Hugs to you, dear Lex.

  15. 15

    yei said,

    grabe talaga si LORD!! so happy as in. and i’m so proud of you biggie bro. God bless.

  16. 16

    Banana said,

    Our countinued prayers Lex. God is with us!

  17. 17

    red said,

    wow what a great news!!! lalo tuloy kitang namiss. i really admire your faith and your courage. God bless sa bagong phase ng treatment mo. love you always my dear kuya.

  18. 18

    sabbie said,

    wow! i’m so happy naman with this news. keep it up gwapito. hmm i want to hug you tight. dinner? mwah!

  19. 19

    ladyracer said,

    congratulations! 🙂

    btw, i just want to ask if scintillan ka?

  20. 20

    maxi said,

    I’m happy for you! God bless.

  21. 21

    pearl said,

    hay salamat sa Diyos! sabi naman sa iyo eh makakaya mo yan at magreremission ka rin. sana this time eh magfocus ka sa pagpapalakas at pagpapagaling para maayos ka na in time for ur next treatment. i’m always praying for you my friend at namimiss na kita at ang libreng siomai mo. kumusta naman ang puso mo? umiibig na ba ulit? ehem may nachika ako eh. lol. basta ang wish ko eh maging masaya ka na coz u deserve that. God bless my friend. i love you.

  22. 22

    brokenman said,

    @pearl, thanks sa prayers. anong na-chika mo? baka tsismis lang yan. God bless.

    @maxi, thank you. God bless

    @lady racer, thanks. opo.

    @sabs, thanks. God bless

    @red, thanks cuz. kumusta baguio? take care

    @banana, thanks. God bless

    @yei, thanks sis. God bless.

    @ella, thanks for the hugs. God bless.

    @pia, thanks. God bless.

    @foobarph, amen.

    @fr. rollly, thank you po. God bless.

    @yani, amen to that. thanks. God bless.

    @annie, thanks cuz. give my warm hugs to cris and the kids. God bless.

    @uncle bart and tita nievs, wow UCLA jacket! 🙂 Thanks.

    @ate nette, hi cuz. can’t wait for that hug. God bless.

    @topher, salamat dude.

    @cousin cass, thanks ha. kumusta mga ATMs? he he he. God bless.

    @jude, salamat dude. God bless.

    @lou, thanks. give my warms hugs sa family mo at sa mga imeem friends na rin. God bless

    @dec, thanks cuz. God bless.

    @etz, thanks. smiling for you. wink!

  23. 23

    ladyracer said,

    Right or Wrong, Fight! Keep the fire burning ‘coz a star of knowledge is always praying for you 🙂

    lex: thanks ladyracer. God bless.

  24. 24

    Kit Casares said,

    Hi Lex … I was so happy to hear the good news from Lou … my prayers for you will continue …. thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of us … take care my friend ….

    lex: thank you kit. God bless. take care. give my regards sa mga imeem friends natin.

  25. 25

    watusiboy said,

    glad to hear you’re doing well.

    lex: salamat. God bless.

  26. 26

    taroogs said,

    happy to hear about the good news. sana tuloy-tuloy na to a full recovery 🙂

    lex: salamat taroogs. God bless.

  27. 27

    witchy said,

    God bless Lex… You will be fine. I give you my heart. I know its not enough but I truly care for my lexiusfriend. Smile~~~

    lex: thanks. your message made me smile. nakaka-touch ang comment mo. God bless.

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