my day started with this:

taking of blood for cbc…….ouchie!

then i went walking and had a great time with my “constant companion”:

my invacare quad cane!!!!

had a fruit platter for breakfast:

grapes, apples and oranges….yum…yum….yum

went to the supermarket. mom was in “panic buying mode” and she bought these:

cans of ensure

went home and had fun doing this:

looney tunes colouring book and pentel pastels…….loving it!

got bored and decided to go online:

i’m versatile…as you can see i watch tv while checking my mails..he he he

now, i’m sleepy……bed calling……..gotta do the nap nap nap

till next post! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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  1. 1

    etzhel said,

    Wow sarap nman ng fruit platter 🙂
    oops, pls say hi to mommy 😉
    nice hobby ehem, pls say hi to bugs for me 🙂
    sino kaya tinitingnan mo hmmm
    Sweet dreams Mr. Betterman…
    Hope to see you soon 🙂

    lex: sino nga kaya? ehem ehem….take care baby girl! wink!

  2. 2

    dec said,

    hi cuz. ang cute mo naman matulog. how are you na? i miss yah.

    lex: is there such a thing as “cute matulog”? he he he. i’m doing okay pa naman. surviving and keeping the faith. i miss you too. take care cuz.

  3. 3

    ladyracer said,

    just droppin’ by to see how you are. rest well and keep safe 🙂

    lex: hi ladyracer. thanks for dropping by my site. God bless.

  4. 4

    bullet said,


    I salute you dude.! Your site really inspired me. Galing! Pinasaya mo umaga ko…nawala pagod and puyat ko..(from my graveyard shift) Accidentaly nakita ko lang yun page mo…
    Keep it up dude! God loves you soooooo much. I will pray for your fast recovery….

    lex: wow thank you so much for your kind words. natutuwa ako na you got inspired by this simple site of mine. Thanks also for the prayers. God bless.

  5. 5

    sabbie said,

    can i sleep beside you gwapito? may space pa naman eh. you look so cuddly. i miss yah! mwah!

    lex: God bless sabs.

  6. 6

    tara said,

    kapag ganyan naman kagwapo at kadelicious ang katabi ko sa bed eh mas gusto ko na lang matulog maghapon. ang gwapo mo pa rin crush. pagaling ka. ciao!

    lex: thanks tara. God bless.

  7. 7

    mara said,

    ang gwapooo! OMG! now i’m so convinced na ikaw nga ang hottest hunkie blogger in town! your blog is a hottie and you are a lot hotter pala! mapapadalas ang visit ko sa blog na to. and baby boy, i grabbed the pics ha. thanks. lol!

    lex: wow salamat po 🙂 God bless.

  8. 8

    ella said,

    Cute. Sarap matulog, ang daming unan. One question though. Who took the pics?

    Binabantayan ka niyang matulog? Hehe

    Take care, lab.

    lex: masarap matulog pag madaming pillows eh. you take care ella. God bless.

  9. 9

    Ouch! Ang sakit naman tingnan nyan Lex!

    lex: yeah 😦 how are you ting? God bless.

  10. 10

    chuvaness said,

    hello lex…bloghopped from maru….looks like you’re getting a lot better…i wish you well 🙂

    lex: thanks ms chuvaness. God bless.

  11. 11

    sunshineforlife said,

    hi alex, nice to read you are doing fine inspite of that ouch test first thing in the morning.

    hang on….and wish you a good rest tonight. 🙂 take care and God bless.

    lex: thanks arlene. God bless.

  12. 12

    BADoy said,

    sarap naman ng fud mo… pagaling ka sana makita ka namin sa wpp!

    lex:salamat mang badoy (nice nick!) God bless. Yeah see you sa WPP EB soon!

  13. 13

    hiyashinsuna said,

    ang salimoot naman, butterfly pa yung gamit, anung gauge yan dude? pagaling ka!

    lex: di ko alam tawag. they use it to draw blood from the arm. sakit 😦

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