you bring me joy

You bring me joy
When I’m down
So much joy
When I lose my way your love comes smiling on me
I saw your face
And then I knew
We would be friends
I was so afraid, but your arms, they’d say ‘come to me’

So I’d say to you
“Can we talk for a while?”
You’d say “alright”
When you love me, I smile
I feel your hands and you feel mine
You bring me joy

You bring me joy
Don’t go too far away
If I can’t see your face, I will remember that smile

But can this be right
Or should we be friends
I get lonely sometimes and I’m mixed up again
‘Cause you’re the finest thing I’ve seen in all my life
You bring me joy

My joy, my joy
I believe this is gonna be what you want it to be
I just love you, I just love you, can’t you see
That you’re the best I’ve seen in all my life
You bring me joy

My joy… you’re my joy
My joy… my, my joy

Thank you, baby, thank you, baby
I just love you, baby
When I lose my way, your love comes smiling on me

you bring me joy/anita baker

4 Tugon so far »

  1. 1

    etzhel said,

    Sweet nman, nakaka melt ang post.
    Pa hug nga ulit 😉

  2. 2

    topher said,

    ligaya ang itawag mo sa akin bwehehehehe!

    umiibig ka na! binata na ulit!

    kumusta dude. iniinsomia ako. maganda palang pampatulog ang blog mo. ngayon antok na ako. salamat dude.

    pagaling ka. God bless. magpapainom ka pa!!!

  3. 3

    dec said,

    i’m happy for you cuz. anong update sa treatment? busy busy-han na naman ang beauty ko eh. miss yah.

  4. 4

    sabbie said,

    i’m loving your new theme! so greenish and looking really cool. i miss yah! stay strong gwapito! mwah!

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