getting impatient….

i still don’t have the results of my bone marrow biopsy/aspiration and i’m getting impatient. i can’t help but worry about a lot of things.

the results are of such great importance as it will determine the next step for my sct. if there’s no leukemic cells present in the marrow then we proceed with the transplant, but if its the other way around then i’ll have to go back to chemo. (sigh sigh sigh).

our bone marrow is a soft spongy tissue found inside the larger bones in our body. they contain stem cells that turn into blood cells. biopsy is a process of removing a tissue sample from the body for examination. aspiration, on the other hand, is the drawing of the liquid portion of the bone marrow by a hollow needle. in my case, several samples were taken so there were painful unexplainable stings that traveled down to my legs.

i hope i get the results early next week and i’m praying that its a good one so i could proceed with my sct. please do keep me in your prayers as i go through this stage of my treatment.

here are some photos during my bone marrow biopsy/aspiration.


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  1. 1

    I wish you well, Pareng Brokenman. Tiyaga tiyaga lang. Hindi ka pababayaan ni God.

  2. 2

    etzhel said,

    Huggin u so tight & kissin ur nose too 😉
    I admire your faith, your humility strengthens you
    probably a hundredfolds more than most ppl.
    Let our prayers comfort and protect you.
    Save ur strength huh, I shall see u soon 😉
    Ehem 😀

  3. 3

    sabbie said,

    OMG! ganun kalaki yung syringe! oh…it must’ve been really painful even with an anaesthesia. sa picture pa lang ang sakit na.

    hang in there my gwapito. pa-hug naman. grabe i’m missing you more now. take care. mwah mwah.

  4. 4

    roanlitz said,

    ooouucchhh!!!…kulay red pala ang bone marrow…

  5. 5

    nakakatakot naman nyan, lex.

  6. 6

    krizzy said,

    gosh it must’ve been painful. can i hug you?

    i really admire your faith and determination. God bless and get well soon.

    i will always pray for you.

  7. 7

    chippy said,

    nay ko po kuya lex. ang laki naman ng syringe. lahat yun binaon sa bone mo? gash aray!

    praying for you always. love you kuya. so proud to have you for a cousin. God bless po.

  8. 8

    lucy said,

    wow loving the butt! how are you na? hugs!

    lex: ha? salamat. God bless.

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