jelly thot

i heart you jelly much 🙂


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  1. 1

    topher said,

    hindi kaya may mag-jellying sa post mo na to? bwehehehe.

    kumusta na dude? magpapakasal ka na daw?

  2. 2

    etzhel said,

    Wow! jelly belly! pengeeeeeeeee 😀

  3. 3

    shy said,

    looks like you’ve really moved on to the next level. and who’s the lucky girl this time? wento mo naman. well looks like happy naman na ang ex mo so dapat lang maging happy ka na. you deserve it my dear. God bless.

  4. 4

    pia said,

    tsi, please be strong. i’m praying for you. God bless. madaming hugs for you!

  5. 5

    petitay said,

    where could I buy jelly belly? im serious.. 🙂 im craving for those kasi..

  6. 6

    sabbie said,

    lex, how are you na? i miss you. take care gwapito. mwah!

  7. 7

    belle said,

    get well soon honey and please not too much on the sweets. (jelly belly duh!)

    i hope to see you soon. i bought a new LA lakers jacket for you so better get up from that hospital bed and see me. lol!

    sending warm hugs your way! mwah! mwah!

  8. 8

    olib said,

    merong jelly belly sa Candy Corner 🙂

    lex: meron nga! 🙂

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