attack of the big orange ants

I was at my Mom’s garden one fine morning…….enjoying the cool breeze……loving the moment with “my rainbow”…….then all of a sudden……..i felt something’s crawling inside my pajama and in my shirt……something cold, a little rough and with many legs…..and even before i could figure out what it is……i was attacked in my arms, legs, thighs and back…… was a band of big orange ants………wtf! grrrrrrr!

the culprits at the mango tree

my ant bites…ouch!


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  1. 1

    sabbie said,

    oh my! mag-ingat ka naman kasi. how are you na? don’t go near that tree na lang. miss yah!

    lex: i’m okay now. thanks. God bless.

  2. 2

    rommel said,

    that was flik…=)

    lex: God bless dude.

  3. 3

    etzhel said,

    ouchie! 😦

    lika dali hug kita… 😉

    pls take care, kissin ur nose 😛

    lex: wow thanks for the hug! wink!

  4. 4

    aLps said,

    ‘Yan pa naman ung ants na pinakamasakit kumagat.. 😐

    lex: agree. thanks sa pag-visit. God bless.

  5. 5

    cass said,

    hope magaling na ang mga ant bites mo. i miss you my dear cousin. take care always. we miss you na. we’ll have a reunion later sa angkong’s place. lol. i’ll just eat your share of the hopiang ube. 🙂

    lex: i miss you din cousin. i missed the reunion. i’ll just visit angkong and ahmah pag uwi ko. take care. God bless.

  6. 6

    jheiphoe said,

    mga mandirigma yang mga yan… brutal, walang sinasantong langgam naman yang mga yan eh… 😀

    lex: agree. sakit ng kagat.

  7. 7

    jazz said,

    aww! kiss ko na lang ang mga ant bites. how are you na po. mwah!

    lex: thanks. God bless.

  8. 8

    hisnameisdencios said,

    holly molly!(a re kup!) watta huge langgams..

    lex: he he he.

  9. 9

    pepe21 said,

    nabomba ko na sila.

    lex: talaga? kawawa naman 🙂

  10. 10

    lou said,

    hayan..sweet ka daw kasi kaya nilanggam ka? true ba yun ms. rainbow? ahihi
    kagatin mo din bilis…(lol) ingatz mah friend

    lex: ha ha ha. i’ll ask her nga. wink. God bless lou.

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