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18 common things


we have the same zodiac sign, virgo

both mint lovers (oral blast, altoids, eclipse)

big feet (hers is 8 and mine is 9 1/2)

we throw up when we smell something foul

we are both crazy over  cartoons

we both have active sweat glands (wink! wink!)

we are both crazy over peppermint tea

we both have nice “nose” (yabang ba? he he he)

we are both crazy over sizzling sweet and spicy chicken from max’s

we are both “malambing”

we are both fond of “doodling” rainbows

we are both mushy (we love mushy love songs)

we are “cry babies”

our fave sleeping position: “nakadapa”

we both find joy in the simplest gifts we share

we are both fond of making videos (thanks windows movie maker!)

we hide our heads like ostrich whenever we feel shy

we heart each other so very much!

mahal na mahal kita baby……….can’t wait for 19!

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just a quick update

Finally,  I’m out of the hospital and got the time to update this blog…..thank GOD!

The past months were quite tiring  for me. I was  “in and out” of the hospital due to intermittent fever, some minor infections, the usual tests, the so-called regular check-ups, bone marrow biopsy (which revealed that I’m still on hematologic remission), GCSF, blood transfusion, eye check up, bone scan, ct-scan, thyroid function test, kidney function test…….blah, blah, blah

I maybe badly bruised by needles but I feel so blessed because I know that my Lord and Savior has journeyed with me and has provided me with all that I need to get through it. What a great and faithful God! I’m in awe.

My family has been patiently journeying with me since the beginning of this AML adventure  and even if there were some “tiring” moments (hey its okay, we are just humans), I know that they will always love me and that they are with me every step of the way.

I’ve been enjoying some quality sleep lately….wink…my baby’s tucking me to bed every night. I’m loving the moment really. Starting and ending my day with her is simply overwhelming.  Can’t wait to put that ring into her finger and say “I do”.  (Actually, she’s  with me right now and she said “wow” when she read this part he he he).

Some things/issues came up a few months ago and I plan to do a separate entry about it. I don’t want to do it here….in this entry…..I don’t want to change the mood of this happy post.

So there……got to end this post muna…….please keep me in your prayers…….God bless us all!

tara  na baby sleep na tayo…….wink!

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