Mighty To Save

video from WimNL

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  1. 1

    yei said,

    yaku happy father’s day. thanks for posting this video. fave ko this song as in. i miss you biggie bro.

  2. 2

    rainbow_ni_betterman said,

    hug.. hug.. hug… ganda ng song 🙂

    He is indeed mighty to save & I’m certain you’d get your complete healing soon…

    See baby, your fever went down na, pagaling ka agad ha 😉

    Mahal na mahal kita baby ko… 😀

  3. 3

    dec said,

    wow fave ko din ang song na yan. how are you na? miss you cuz. take care.

  4. 4

    I like the message of the song… Soon I’ll include music like this on my website

  5. 5

    mr. sleepyhead said,

    mighty to save is an awesome song of Hillsong…The message is inspiring.=)

  6. 6

    etchosera said,


    Napakagandang mensahe.

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