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baby, thank you for taking care of me, for sticking it out with me even if its getting difficult each day. i thank God for giving you to me. i just know that your “heart” is healing me. mahal na mahal kita.


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  1. 1

    rainbow ni betterman said,

    Each moment with you becomes one beautiful miracle,
    because we’re sharing this journey together.
    I’m so grateful God led me to you, thank you for ‘heart-ing’ me baby ko 🙂
    Mas mahal na mahal kita…you’re my strength, my life partner,
    my knight in shining armor, my wonderful baby… and you’re mine 😀
    Now, lemme tuck you to bed… smooch.. smooch… ehem
    we better sleep, it’s late … wink! 😉

  2. 2

    love heals! believe my friend…

  3. 3

    topher said,

    wakanga naman sa sweet. gininaw kami dito bwehehehe.

  4. 4

    Leona said,

    “pag-ibig” is indeed healing you! with the kind of “heart” your having now, no doubt about getting back in shape 110X better! stay happy! yiheee! *kilig*

  5. 5

    bluemarsian said,

    Sobra inspired ako sa blog mo Sir Lex.

    Nadiscover ko at the right time ang blog mo. For the past few weeks, down ako and in need of guidance. God showed to me your blog and dun ako humuhugot ng strength now to continue with my life. Idol kita sobra! I really tried to read all your posts since yesterday and was really touched by your life.

    I pray to God for your recovery and happiness. I am looking forward na someday I will see you personally and thank you for the great help you’ve given.

    Hope to be your friend too! God bless!

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