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tatlumpung buwan…..

happy 30th monthsarry baby-wifey ko!

thank you for taking care of me….for cuddling me when i’m in pain…for giving me so much joy…for not letting go of me….for staying even if sometimes i’m so difficult and unreasonable…for accepting me and for “heart-ing” me unconditionally…

thank you so much baby for sharing your life with me….

mahal na mahal na mahal kita!

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this is irrevocable….

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heart’s day 2010

…..and even if the sun refuse to shine

even if romance ran out of rhyme

you would still have my heart until the end of time

you’re all i need, my baby, my valentine…”

thank you for taking care of me

for sharing your life with me

i feel so blessed because i have someone like you

mahal na mahal kita!

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a tiger for 26

for our 26th monthsarry,we decided to “adopt” a tiger and we named him NOSTY!

“growling” for more monthsarries to come….

mahal na mahal kita baby!

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a milestone….

baby, there are no words

to describe all the wonderful feelings

i’ve known because of you

the closeness we share

never runs out of new ways

to touch my heart

thank you for taking care of me

for not letting go

for believing in me

happy 25th month my baby-wifey!

mahal na mahal kita!

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baby, i’ve never felt so alive…

Your touch is electric
I felt it the first time you held me
The way we connected
So easily

I’ve tried to define it
Searched for the perfect phrase
I’ve tried to describe it
In a million different ways

It’s joy, it’s ecstacy, it’s truth, it’s destiny
And even love is not enough to tell you how you make me feel
There’s only one word for this

I’ve got to admit it
You took my heart by surprise
Don’t know how you did it
But baby, I’ve never felt so alive

It’s joy, it’s ecstacy, it’s truth, it’s destiny
And even love is not enough to tell you how you make me feel
There’s only one word for this
It’s bliss

Hey, you know, baby, know what the future holds
As long as you’re here with me

It’s joy, it’s ecstacy, it’s truth, it’s destiny
And even love is not enough to tell you how you make me feel

It’s faith, it’s honesty, it’s life, it’s everything
To say “I love you”‘s not enough to tell you how you make me feel

It’s in your smile, in your kiss
It’s the reason that I exist
There’s only one word for this
It’s bliss

It’s bliss

It’s bliss

bliss/alice peacock and john meyer

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2 years down and a lifetime to go!


two wonderful years together

thank you for staying

for taking care of me

for hugging me when i’m in pain

for being patient with me

for easing my worries

for loving me unconditonally

you are my life

the air that i breathe

mahal na mahal kita baby ko!


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baby, when i’m with you

it’s like a tiny part of the universe

shifts into the place

it is supposed to be

and all is right with the world

i couldn’t even begin to express

that gentle calm and the inner peace

that comes over me whenever

we hug and snuggle in the cold night

thank you for loving me

for taking care of me

for being so patient with me

i’m so thankful for the gift of YOU

23 down…… a lifetime to go!

i heart you baby!

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our birthdays!

thank you Lord!

Great is Thy faithfulness!

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22 down…….

…….. and a lifetime to go!

thank you for taking care of me baby! mahal na mahal kita!

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18 common things


we have the same zodiac sign, virgo

both mint lovers (oral blast, altoids, eclipse)

big feet (hers is 8 and mine is 9 1/2)

we throw up when we smell something foul

we are both crazy over  cartoons

we both have active sweat glands (wink! wink!)

we are both crazy over peppermint tea

we both have nice “nose” (yabang ba? he he he)

we are both crazy over sizzling sweet and spicy chicken from max’s

we are both “malambing”

we are both fond of “doodling” rainbows

we are both mushy (we love mushy love songs)

we are “cry babies”

our fave sleeping position: “nakadapa”

we both find joy in the simplest gifts we share

we are both fond of making videos (thanks windows movie maker!)

we hide our heads like ostrich whenever we feel shy

we heart each other so very much!

mahal na mahal kita baby……….can’t wait for 19!

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just a quick update

Finally,  I’m out of the hospital and got the time to update this blog…..thank GOD!

The past months were quite tiring  for me. I was  “in and out” of the hospital due to intermittent fever, some minor infections, the usual tests, the so-called regular check-ups, bone marrow biopsy (which revealed that I’m still on hematologic remission), GCSF, blood transfusion, eye check up, bone scan, ct-scan, thyroid function test, kidney function test…….blah, blah, blah

I maybe badly bruised by needles but I feel so blessed because I know that my Lord and Savior has journeyed with me and has provided me with all that I need to get through it. What a great and faithful God! I’m in awe.

My family has been patiently journeying with me since the beginning of this AML adventure  and even if there were some “tiring” moments (hey its okay, we are just humans), I know that they will always love me and that they are with me every step of the way.

I’ve been enjoying some quality sleep lately….wink…my baby’s tucking me to bed every night. I’m loving the moment really. Starting and ending my day with her is simply overwhelming.  Can’t wait to put that ring into her finger and say “I do”.  (Actually, she’s  with me right now and she said “wow” when she read this part he he he).

Some things/issues came up a few months ago and I plan to do a separate entry about it. I don’t want to do it here….in this entry…..I don’t want to change the mood of this happy post.

So there……got to end this post muna…….please keep me in your prayers…….God bless us all!

tara  na baby sleep na tayo…….wink!

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shi liu

161 16 things about my baby

1. she’s a virgo (just like me!)

2. she loves chocolates (and other sweets)

3. she’s using optix o2 contact lenses +375

4.  she got 3Bs (wink!)

5.  her shoe size is 8 (whoa!)

6.  she has a very ear-friendly, pleasant-sounding voice that never changes even if she’s irritated (and its very “sexy” especially in the morning!)

7.  she’s into lancome perfumes and mac cosmetics

8.  she has a blog called “glimpse”

9. she believes that staying too long in the kitchen will give her oleo grease that would stick into her epidermis (very creative he he he )

10.  she’s oh soo beautiful (that’s one of the 3 B’s actually)

11.  her fave song is “save me a dream” by paul williams

12. her all-time crush is hector calma

13.  whenever she wants to make “lambing” to me, she’ll say “baby naman eh!”

14.  she’s very thoughtful and oh so sweet

15.  she loves me unconditionally (and i love her irrevocably wink!)

16.  she’s marrying me………..yahooo!

16 down………a lifetime to go!

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coming through….

  • I”m still on remission, happy and living a “normal” life with my rainbow, (I”m loving every minute of it)
  • Was in and out of the hospital for the past months (nothing serious really; visits are for some tests related to the  SCT, coughs and colds, 3 incidents of blood transfusion, regular check up, fever, tummy pains, change of medications, eye check up, etc)
  • I gained weight, about 2-3 pounds (although i still can’t eat on my own terms, at least i’m not anymore on a strictly “prosure and ensure” diet) there were some instances that i was allowed, of course in moderation, to deviate from my neutropenic diet and i had pasta  dishes (with fat free mozzarella and olive oil, yum yum)
  • My hair is growing (and i mean not just on my head but also on my armpit, goatee, chest and down there he he he)
  • Harvesting of the SCT from my donor  is coming soon and  a few days after that will be the SCT transplant. yes, the transplant is still necessary but it is not of the same dire urgency as before. thank God!
  • My physical therapy worked! i can now walk without my cane, although i’m still slow and walking like a toddler i’m positive that in days to come i would be able walk the normal way again.  i can’t afford to have a cane on my wedding day.
  • Wedding preparations are now in progress
  • I’ve been reading a lot these days…..from cook books, to parenting books to techno books and even non-fictions
  • My numbers are still okay. no leukemic blast
  • Been taking this health supplement called Alive Whole Food Energizer from Nature’s Way for almost 2 months now and I feel good na na na na. I highly recommend this product
  • Once in a while i’ll feel some muscle pains especially in my legs and since i’m already tired of taking pain relievers, i  just apply a generous amount of ice analgesic gel to the painful areas. it works


  • Thank you to those who are taking their time in visiting this blog , hugs to those who are leaving their comments, thank you so much. please do keep me in your prayers.
  • To my sweet baby: uwi ka na, tagal mo naman sa work, we need  to finish it, part 3 na………. wink!
  • And to my Jehovah Ropphi, You are awesome!

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wedding song :)

a song for my bride……

Like the sound of silence calling

I hear your voice and suddenly

I’m falling, lost in a dream

Like the echoes of our souls are meeting

You say those words and my heart stops beating

I wonder what it means

What could it be that comes over me

At times I can’t move

At times  I can hardly breathe

When you say you love me

The world goes still, so still inside and

When you say you love me

For that moment, there’s no one else alive

You’re the one I’ve always thought of

I don’t know how but I feel sheltered in your love

You’re where I belong

And when you’re with me if I close my eyes

There are times I swear I feel like I can fly

For a moment in time

Somewhere between the heavens and earth

And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words

When you say you love me

The world goes still, so still inside and

When you say you love me

For a moment, there’s no one else alive

And this journey that we’re on

How far we’ve come and I celebrate every moment

And when you say you love me

That’s all you have to say

I’ll always feel this way

When you say you love me

The world goes still, so still inside and

When you say you love me

In that moment, I know why I’m alive

When you say you love me

When you say you love me

Do you know how I love you?

when you say you love me/josh groban

video from jenniferpamela

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