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over cups of hot choco


p: are you sure you don’t want a banana cake?

me: no, thanks. this is okay. had a muffin kanina eh.

p: banana is good for depression

me: yeah. so, i really look depress ha?

p: yes you are. yung eyes mo ang lungkot

me: what’s the color of your eyes ? you are still using the contact lenses from dra. jing?

p: yes. hazel brown, you like it?

me: i can’t tell the difference between hazel and light brown

p: really?

me: really

p: what’s the color of her eyes?

me: huh?

p: tell me

me: dark brown

p: you said you love her eyes

me: yeah really beautiful pair of eyes. wait, why are we talking about someone’s eyes?

p: ha ha ha. sorry

me: so what’s the color of his eyes?

p: ha ha ha. there you go. i felt it coming. black.

me: ha ha ha

p: how do you do it?

me: what?

p: laughing with sad eyes

me: i don’t know, maybe because there’s sadness within me or maybe my eyes are just meant to be sad

p: i don’t think so. well, maybe. ha ha ha

me: you have happy eyes

p: yes and they are looking at you

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