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i miss you baby ko….

“I see the same side of the moon
That we’ll be looking on when the world turns blue
And know that time and space
Can’t come between me and you
We share the same side of the moon
And though you’ll never see all my tears shine through
I know I can’t be that far from you
If we’re both looking on the same side of the moon.”

-corrinne may, same side of the moon

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the view….



….from the window of our room in sharjah….nice!

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para sa baby ko….

sa kabila ng lahat ng mga malulungkot na pangyayari sa aking buhay, sasalubungin ko pa rin na may ngiti ang pasko dahil sa iyo

salamat sa Diyos ibinigay ka Nya sa akin

iniibig kita. mahal na mahal kita baby etzhel ko.

maligayang pasko!

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four years down…..

….and a lifetime to go!

looking forward to countless anniversaries ahead! thank you for not giving up on us. i will forever cherish you baby. mahal na mahal kita.

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Livestrong Day

for more info…please visit :

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happy birthday baby ko!

mahal na mahal kita

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i’m telling the world……

…….she’s my wife….my baby….my joy….my life!

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from the mail….


salamat skymiles! 🙂

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you brought back COLORS into my life….

happy heart’s day baby-wifey ko!

mahal na mahal kita



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thank you for taking care of me baby…mahal na mahal kita

32 down and a lifetime to go!!!!!

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my birthday wish

happy birthday son! daddy’s so very proud of you! i’m keeping my promise! wink!

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salamat po!

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heart’s day 2010

…..and even if the sun refuse to shine

even if romance ran out of rhyme

you would still have my heart until the end of time

you’re all i need, my baby, my valentine…”

thank you for taking care of me

for sharing your life with me

i feel so blessed because i have someone like you

mahal na mahal kita!

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a tiger for 26

for our 26th monthsarry,we decided to “adopt” a tiger and we named him NOSTY!

“growling” for more monthsarries to come….

mahal na mahal kita baby!

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