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just a quick update


  • i had another round of chemo.
  • high dose ara-c was pumped into my body for two hours and the clear liquid felt like hell 😦 
  • ara-c is actually an anti-metabolites which is similar to normal body molecules. they stop the cells from making cancer cells and repairs DNA
  • as expected, i was exhausted, thirsty, was throwing up and irritated after the session
  • i got hives (sore, red spots on my neck, feet and arms)
  • i have 2 big mouth sores and it is so hard to drink water even with a straw. ang sakit! damn!



  • i was throwing up the whole morning.
  • early afternoon: my blood count dropped and was given platelets.
  • middle of the transfusion: i had an allergic reaction so they gave me 100 mg of benadryl
  • at this moment: i feel so tired and grouchy
  • praying that the Lord restores the spirit of submission, patience and hope within me
  • saw the assessment of my medical bill and felt sad about it (we need to pay at least half of it within the week)
  • i want to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep



  • another round of chemo—- a date with ara-c
  • anticipating a good result from my cardiologist, re: 2D echo

Please keep those prayers coming.

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