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my baby-wifey!

happy 34th monthsarry!

thank you for “heart-ing” me unconditionally!

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it’s not the million ways we’re different…’s the handful of big ways we’re the same

it’s not the fancy things we don’t have…….it’s the togetherness we do

it’s not the long deep conversations……’s a soft kiss that says it all

it’s not a dream come’s better

it’s real…………….it’s us……….you and me…

33 down and a lifetime to go……

mahal na mahal kita baby!

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thank you for taking care of me baby…mahal na mahal kita

32 down and a lifetime to go!!!!!

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All my tomorrows….

……they are all for you my baby!

happy 31st monthsarry!

mahal na mahal na mahal kita!

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a milestone….

baby, there are no words

to describe all the wonderful feelings

i’ve known because of you

the closeness we share

never runs out of new ways

to touch my heart

thank you for taking care of me

for not letting go

for believing in me

happy 25th month my baby-wifey!

mahal na mahal kita!

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shi liu

161 16 things about my baby

1. she’s a virgo (just like me!)

2. she loves chocolates (and other sweets)

3. she’s using optix o2 contact lenses +375

4.  she got 3Bs (wink!)

5.  her shoe size is 8 (whoa!)

6.  she has a very ear-friendly, pleasant-sounding voice that never changes even if she’s irritated (and its very “sexy” especially in the morning!)

7.  she’s into lancome perfumes and mac cosmetics

8.  she has a blog called “glimpse”

9. she believes that staying too long in the kitchen will give her oleo grease that would stick into her epidermis (very creative he he he )

10.  she’s oh soo beautiful (that’s one of the 3 B’s actually)

11.  her fave song is “save me a dream” by paul williams

12. her all-time crush is hector calma

13.  whenever she wants to make “lambing” to me, she’ll say “baby naman eh!”

14.  she’s very thoughtful and oh so sweet

15.  she loves me unconditionally (and i love her irrevocably wink!)

16.  she’s marrying me………..yahooo!

16 down………a lifetime to go!

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