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pt dancing

i enjoyed my physical therapy session today. i abandoned my cane and had a great time dancing with my dance err physical therapist. yes, you read it right, i went dancing and i really had a great time.

dance movement therapy or DMT is a psychotherapeutic use of movement for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioural and physical conditions. they also call it expressive therapy. contrary to the usual dance which is more focus on the artistic movements, DMT is into exploring the nature of movements. the focus is actually on the connection of the mind and the body to promote healing.

my therapist told me that through observing and altering my kinesthetic movement he would be able to diagnose and help me solve various physical as well as psychological issues. he added that this kind of therapy is also very effective in improving self-esteem and reducing stress of people who went into the hellish experience of chemotherapy.

so the goal of my sessions is to actually provide more exercise, improve my mobility, muscle coordination and reduction of muscle tension. at first i was so unsure if i would be able to pull it through since i’m really not into dancing and i couldn’t imagine myself dancing with a cane. but i ended up putting all my worries behind when i finally hit the dance floor and i felt really great moving my thin body to the sexy tune of “oye como va”. he he he.

my blood counts are picking up and although i’ve been experiencing some mild asthma attacks i feel a lot better and i’m looking forward to going home and taking my much needed house arrest err rest 🙂

again, my sincerest thanks to those who are praying for me and supporting me financially,  morally and spiritually. God bless all of you. my hopes are high that i would be able to survive this phase and move up to consolidation therapy and bone marrow transplant.

let’s dance to that! 🙂


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