an easter message


Hallelujah! The Lamb of God has risen! Jesus is Alive!

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  1. 1

    etzhel said,

    Amen to that indeed 🙂
    Happy Easter Betterman wink wink! 😉

    lex: happy easter baby girl! wink! wink! u take care always.

  2. 2

    pia said,

    happy easter tsi. ang kulit mo kanina…lol…u got the blue egg ba talaga? 🙂 i’m glad na you are smiling again. stay happy. God bless. hugs!

    lex: belated happy easter. yeah, i think its a stroke of luck.. it went through me, biglang opps the blue egg…ha ha ha…. 🙂 i’m happy….someone’s making me happy 🙂 you take care. God bless.

  3. 3

    jazz said,

    happy easter lex. how are you na? sana tuloy tuloy na ang paggaling mo. God bless.

    lex: belated happy easter. i’m doing okay 🙂 God bless too.

  4. 4

    chippy said,

    happy easter kuya lex. how’s u na? keep getting better. love yah!

    lex: thanks cousin chips. i’m doing ok…getting better 🙂 God bless.

  5. 5

    ella said,

    Happy easter to you, too, lex. Stay well,sweet and cute till next easter. Mwah luv

    lex: thanks ella. take care. God bless 🙂

  6. 6

    sabs said,

    happy easter gwapito! i miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much na talaga! mwah!

    lex: belated happy easter din sabs. God bless.

  7. 7

    ladyracer said,

    belated happy easter! 🙂

    lex: super belated happy easter 😦 how’s your graduation? God bless.

  8. 8

    raqgold said,

    hi dear lex, easter monday dito kaya happy easter pa rin 😀 great to know you are back sa blogosphere.

    lex: yeah it feels good to be back. belated happy easter.

  9. 9

    raqgold said,

    oops, raqgold is kengkay too 😀

    lex: kengkay!!!!! nice blogspot blog! 🙂

  10. 10

    yeena said,

    hi my dear. happy easter. how’s ur therapy? u take care. tama na ang kakaisip ng mga negative thots ha hindi yan makakatulong. just stay positive. God bless.

    lex: hi yeena. how’s your baby? got the pics nga pala. thanks. God bless. Talk to you soon.

  11. 11

    foobarph said,


    lex: uuuwwww he he he 🙂

  12. 12

    Lenggai said,

    hi lex!!! belated happy easter!

    i went back to bora last week, wasn’t able to try the baileys at coco mangas, andaming pokpok! di ko keri 😦

    hopefully, next time 😀

    be well!

    lex: hi kapuso. natawa naman ako sa comment mo re: coco mangas. you take care. God bless.

  13. 13

    lou said,

    mah pren…belated happy easter din hehe..been busy this past days…musta na you?hope you’re doin great…stay wafu and healthy okies?.ingats and Godbless…

    lex: hi lou. i’m doing ok naman…getting ready for my consolidation chemo and pre-transplant…still feeling some little aches and pains…. and may time i feel weak but i believe kaya ko pa naman…aja..aja.. 🙂 thanks for the prayers. give my warm hugs to your family. God bless.

  14. 14

    ev said,

    wow!this is a great site!i love the music.” no greater love”, pa borrow ha!repost ko..

    happy EaSTER!

    lex: hi ev. thanks for dropping by. sige lang po, repost it. God bless.

  15. 15

    repah said,

    happy ester.. take care..

    lex: happy easter din. God bless.

  16. 16

    Happy Easter! Hope you’re feelin’ much better! = D

    lex: belated happy easter. i’m doing far so good. Thanks.

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