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i’m still here….

I heard a rumor

And its about me

There’s this SMS circulating among my close friends and relatives  telling  them that I died on December 10 due to complications……

The rumor will remain a rumor for now ‘coz  I’m still here…….alive, breathing and busy smooching my rainbow……..opps

Well, I think its about time that I do some updates…..

  • I had my bone marrow biopsy last December 6. I still don’t have the results but I’m praying and trying to be positive about it. I took a picture of the needles and got scared afterwards. he he he.


  • I had my pulmonary test last week—-another prerequisite for the transplant. I was told that its a standard test designed to measure my lung capacity. I’m proud to say that I got good results from that test. yipee! It really pays to be a non-smoker!
  • Finally, I got my transplant scheduled. I’ll be going back to the hospital to undergo sessions of chemotherapy for three days then another three days of radiation. A week after that, the transplant will begin. I will be staying at the hospital for 30 days after the transplant and then spend the remaining 70 days at home. I’m a little scared but I’m holding on to God’s promise that He will never leave me nor forsake.

I think that’s all for now. I’m chillin’ and sleepy. I better hit the sack now. My rainbow’s tucking me to bed. Yahoooo!

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not a relapse…good grief

i was at the onco clinic this morning. i’ve spiked a fever for three days straight and had some nose bleeding episodes so my blood was checked for possible infection.

after an hour the verdict came. yes, i have infection but cbc is still good,  no leukemic blast, wbc and rbc both normal. so in general, i’m still on remission. the “relapse” theory was thrown out of the window. good grief.

the “supposed-final-schedule-for-my-sct” will be moved (again) to a later date. no idea when, but definitely not this month.

and the oncologist is honest enough to tell me that: 60% of patients who receive SCT gets cured. however, the remaining 20% don’t survive the chemo, the routinary IV medications and radiation leading up to the transplant. and the other 20% dies due to complications they develop after the transplant. this reality hit me hard and i began to wonder, would i be at the 60? the first 20? the last 20? all of a sudden, uncertainty’s coming into the picture.

but then I know that His ways are higher than mine. He knows what’s best for me and that i just need to continue entrusting my life to Him–my Jehovah Rophi.

so…….. i’m pressing on still, keeping the faith and trying to be patient (he he he)

again, i want to say thank you to those who remembered me on my birthday. a Big sweet hug to all of you. God is so good and His mercies never come to an end.

by the way, i got this “cake” for my birthday:

definitely, the sweetest gift i got. thank you so much. you are definitely sweeter than this one. i’m so sure of that. wanna bet? wink!

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