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attack of the big orange ants

I was at my Mom’s garden one fine morning…….enjoying the cool breeze……loving the moment with “my rainbow”…….then all of a sudden……..i felt something’s crawling inside my pajama and in my shirt……something cold, a little rough and with many legs…..and even before i could figure out what it is……i was attacked in my arms, legs, thighs and back…… was a band of big orange ants………wtf! grrrrrrr!

the culprits at the mango tree

my ant bites…ouch!

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when will this end?


i’m getting tired of having “needles” for breakfast 😦

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i don’t give a damn

so you want to mess up with me spoiled brat. don’t tell me about your high ranking officer father and your bodyguard and that you always get what you want. don’t call me names, don’t intrude into my personal life, don’t tell me what to do. don’t tell me about your “friendship” motive which is a lie. i know what you want but don’t you dare make a wrong move. and don’t under-estimate her. she’s a tough act and a very smart woman. yes, she’s smarter than you.

am i that bothered? no, not really. in fact this is the first and last time that i’ll be talking about it here. its a waste of my time. and i don’t give a damn on what you will do or say. we–yes, the two of us—both knew the truth about what happened, about our own issues, our own pains, our lives. and it is ours alone.

don’t you dare do something that will hurt her or me or malign our relationship. please go and see a doctor. you need some medical attention. oops.. you are studying to be a doctor right? how ironic.

i’m praying for you. i feel bad for your cracking head. 😦

but please fuck off…..leave us alone!


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