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of stc prep and birthdays

Preparation for my stem cell transplant officially started last week!

I’m done with my bone marrow biopsy and although the final analysis won’t be ready until early next week, my oncologist informed me that the initial pathology review was very encouraging. Although the procedure went well, I was “glued” to my bed for 2 days as my hip was sore. (my marrow samples were extracted from my right rear hip bone).

Good thing i was back home in time for Mommy’s birthday last July 14. We had dinner at Lime Tree, a restaurant that serves Southeast Asian Cuisine.

Because of my “restricted diet” I wasn’t able to try their famous roti pratha and curry noodle. I just had a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a very small serving of tofu and mushrooms in olive oil and a half serving of potato cake. Bitin. Bitin. ūüė¶

Cheers to the best Mom in the world! Happy Birthday Mommy! Words are not enough to express my gratitude for your selfless love and devotion. I know we’ve been through a lot and your strength and faith are keeping the family intact. I can’t thank God enough for giving you to me. I love you so much Mommy.

The next day was another big day as my “baby bro” Godo celebrated his 20 plus birthday (he he he he). we went to fisherman’s wharf for lunch, went window shopping (he he he) at pier 39 and then visited the bay aquarium.

As expected, the place was full people and the restaurants are on-SRO. I think we waited for almost 45 minutes for a table. Nevertheless, I really had a great time exploring the area.

Although the trip has practically drained my energy I felt really great because somehow I am now at a “normal” place, living and moving as a “normal” person. I’m experiencing the crowd again, appreciating God’s creation and enjoying a great time with my family. (I’m missing someone though, sigh).

some pictures at the bay aquarium:

Today, I have a scheduled spinal tap at 11am and more tests are scheduled the coming days so please keep me in your prayers. Thank you to those who made comments in some of the entries. I really appreciate it and It really lifts my spirit. God bless all of you. (I’ll answer them all next time promise!)

As I always say…..the journey from brokenman to betterman….continues!! aja! aja! aja!

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no greater love

Before I knew your name
You knew my every breath
Before I found my way
You knew my every step
Before I knew everything that I need
You gave it all to me
No greater love than this
That you should lay down your life
For someone such as me
I’d spend a life time wondering why
The beauty of heaven is here in my heart
And I know there can be
No greater love
Than this
I never understood
How mercifull love could be
Untill I felt His flame
Light every part of me
And I would give everything that I am
Cause I have been saved
Yes I have been saved
No greater love than this
That you should lay down your life
For someone such as me
I spend a life time wondering why
The beauty of heaven is here in my heart
And I know there can be
No greater love
The beauty of heaven is here in my heart
And I know there can be
No greater love
For someone such as me
No greater love
Than this

thank you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ……Your love is¬†simply amazing!!! ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

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OT doki

today is my third day doing my OT and¬†i feel good! ūüôā ¬†

occupational therapy or OT refers to the use of meaningful occupation to assist people who have difficulty in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

according to the OT manual that was given to me, occupational therapists work with a variety of individuals who have difficulty accessing or performing meaningful occupations. they work with individuals who have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling. their goal is to help their clients have independent, productive and satisfying lives. basically, its about helping someone like me, a leukemia patient on remission, get back my independence and enjoy life as normal as possible. isn’t that great?

so my first OT session which lasted for¬†3 hours was¬†on dressing,¬†we called it “dress for success”.¬†¬†i told the therapist that¬†i can put my socks, jockey and pants all by myself but its the upper stuff which i find difficult to put on alone. so he helped me in¬†putting on¬†a patient gown as if i’m¬†going to wear¬† a shirt and then he gave me a small panel with fabric and buttons and¬†he asked me¬†to button up the material like a shirt. it was difficult and painful but i was able to pull it through after 30 minutes. whew!¬†the process was repeated i think 3 times and ¬†after that he asked me to answer a 3-page¬†questionnaire full of abstract figures. whew again!

afternoon of the same day, i was with my physical therapist and i had fun doing some leg exercises and walking. first it was walking with a walker, then with my cane. i was so proud of myself because i was able to walk farther and broke my own record. after taking a break, i had some stress testing and arm exercises. i was exhausted but i felt really good. seeing those sweats coming out made me smile.

second day of OT is on shaving and it was hard. its been a while since i used my hands that way and coordination was difficult at first. i almost cut the side of my lower lip while shaving my moustache. and i felt really sad when we tried shaving a little of my goatee. he he he.

so today is the third day and i¬†still have two more sessions for OT. i feel a lot better now and i want to believe that i’m¬†getting better,¬†well except for a¬†fever spike two days ago.

i can walk now, a few baby steps, without my cane and it felt really great. i hope i could jog and jump soon.

again i want to say thank you to all those who are praying for me and supporting me financially, emotionally and spiritually. thank you so much. God bless all of you.

the journey continues………..ahoo! ahoo! (inspired by “300”) he he he

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my “other sister”

God has blessed me with the gift of siblings. aside from 2 wonderful brothers, i have¬†two¬†( it used to be three) adorable sisters. i’ve already made an entry about my baby sister here on the occasion of her “20 plus”¬†birthday. so this one is for my “other sister” who is celebrating her¬†“30 plus”¬†birthday today, february 3.

here are some of the “not so crazy, not so common, not so funny” things about her:

  • she was born three years after i was born
  • she has a twin sister (who died when they were 4 years old) and this twin sister is 3 minutes older than her
  • she came out “feet first” (a “footling breech”)
  • she grew up “a little boyish” because kuya and i were her playmates
  • she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind
  • she’s a “one-woman-comedy-act” (she can sing, dance and do monologue at the same time, he he he)
  • she joined a singing contest on tv when she was a kid
  • she hates dishes with curry (it upsets her stomach)
  • half of her room is filled with her collections of CDs, audio tapes and books
  • she’s a lawyer, board chairman, NGO worker
  • she can’t eat without “patis” (one time we were eating in a very posh resto and she called the waiter and said “excuse me, penge patis”)
  • she loves to make funny poses on cam
  • eating is her (opps)
  • she’s into japanese, italian and chinese dishes
  • she attempted to came out of the “tradition veil” and she made it through successfully
  • she’s funny, caring, smart and sweet BUT beware of her serious dark side (he he he)
  • she has the talent of making a one¬†embarrassing blooper into a light and¬†funny moment
  • she’s my sister and i love her so much

happy birthday yei! God bless you more! thanks for taking that leap (you know what i mean)……keep it up!

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her name is reese

name: anne rizzelle jillian

nicknames: reese

birthdate: november 29, 1980

birthplace: carson city, nevada

educational attainment: bachelor of science in hotel and restaurant management (UST), master of arts in teaching (PNU)

favorite cartoon character: tweety bird

famous for: making avocado mayo, tuna pasta and banana cake

she hates: sad movies, traffic, dust,¬†men who stare “too hard”, crowded malls

status: in a relationship with a guy named anthony (4 years ain’t bad right?)

brokenman’s message:

happy birthday baby sister. thank you so¬†much¬†for taking care of me, for keeping up with my “ever-changing” moods and for being the best “nanny” to jay. i know you’ve been emotionally and physically drained by the recent events in our family but hey,¬†i know you’ve realized that the situation has actually¬†brought out the best in you.¬†¬†remember what you’ve told me a few nights ago? that there were things that you never thought you could do but you were able to do so successfully. isn’t that awesome? i’m so proud of you. keep it up. remember that yaku will always love you syobe!!!

my birthday verse for you:

“trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”¬† Proverbs 3: 5-6

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a special gift

what’s inside the bag?



books, card and 3 boxes of caramel bar ūüôā


max’s caramel bar is a favorite. before, i could eat¬†the content of a box (18 pieces) in one sitting. well,¬†right now, i have to cut down on my sugar¬†intake so, i’m only allowed to¬†eat 1 piece a day and i¬†have to wash it up immediately with at least 2 glasses of water.¬† tsk tsk tsk ūüė¶


food for the soul (Fill Your Life With Miracles by Bo Sanchez and Footprints for Men)


a card, a mobile phone chain (?)

etz, thank you for your concern, for your love, for the prayers and for the special friendship that we share. i will always remember you. yes, i’m still saving¬†that dream ūüôā you take care. God bless.

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birthday babes

happy birthday lian and etzhel. thanks for the friendship. God bless both of you.



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