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sentiment in song

Since you’ve been gone I’ve been lonely
Longing to be with you only
Maybe there’s still is a way I could find you and say.. just how I feel
I can’t believe that it’s over
Wished somehow I could have showed her
All that was inside my heart ‘stead of playing the games
You might have stayed..

(Funny just the other night).. I was thinking
(I wondered if you ever think).. about me
(I call you on the phone).. there’s no answer

Oh well.. There’s still tomorrow
Oh well.. I’ll try again
Oh well.. Maybe just maybe..

Since you’ve been gone I’ve been lonely
Longing to be with you only
If there’s a way I could beg you to stay
Would you please.. Stay with me?

(I was thinking maybe I).. could come over
(Hoping that we could finally).. work this out
(Even if tonight) ..we don’t dont find an answer

Oh well… There’s still tomorrow
Oh well.. I’ll try again
Oh well.. Maybe just maybe..


If I had another chance
We would stand hand in hand
You’d be my girl
I’d be ur man
Oh well.. maybe just maybe we can

I still call you on the fone.. still no answer..
Maybe later on I’ll try.. one more time or
Am I just a fool? To keep trying..

Oh well.. There’s still tomorrow
Oh well.. A fool’s what I am
Oh well.. Maybe just maybe..

Oh still there’s still tomorrow
Ohhh welll
Maybe just maybe..
See if I bend on my knees and give you all of me

Oh well there’s still tomorrow
Oh well I’ll try again
Oh well.. please.. just maybe

Since you’ve been gone.. I’ve been lonely..

Oh Well/Boyz II Men

i miss you bebe ko!

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only other half




in pain

weak on the knees

missing her

how i wish she could just go here and see me…

maybe then…if she sees me…my condition now…maybe…she’ll see…what’s was left of me…the broken me…

“bebe, you are the only “other half” that can make me whole!”

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she got me worried

“cguro nasanay n ako dts why i feel lyk telling u this—-nadulas ako sa pool 2ma2 likod ko sa hagdang semento. dy told me 2 hv it xrayed–kinda scared”

                                          -bebe ko/04:57pm/23-03-07

i got so worried when i got that sms from her. i called her and told her to go to st. luke’s for her x-ray. we talked for more than an hour then she sent me sms at around 11pm telling me that she got the x-ray result and she’s okay. thank God!

i’ll see her when she gets back from batanes and i look forward of spending the holy week with her

a new beginning….i hope it’s coming…soon

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so close


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i don’t know what your silence means. thousands of thoughts–both negative and positive—are entering my weak mind every minute of the day. have you given up on me? is this intentional? is this your way of getting even with me? is this a strategy? is this some kind of a plan?

a part of me is saying “i should not think about it. not to make a big deal about it and just let it pass” but a part of me longs for you, crazy about you, and hurting because of this “invisible wall” between us. and i’m scared…so scared that you’ll take the “chance” away.

your silence…it’s hurting me so much…

i love you….still…i guess…that’s the reason why even in your silence…there’s pain

Silence is night
   and just as there are nights
      with no moon and no stars
when you’re all alone
   totally alone
       when you’re cursed
when you become a nothing
   which no one needs—
So there are silences which are threatening
   because there is nothing except
    the silence.

               -deep thoughts on silence, author unknown 

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thanks folks!

this my blog stat for the last 30 days….


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dot of hope

How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never beat this much again
Oh no
I just can’t let go
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never love this much again
Oh no
Tonight I’ll hold what could be right
Tomorrow I’ll pretend to let you go

                  -how do you heal a broken heart, chris walker

i know i should start moving on…..i know i need to start the process of letting go…she’s happy…she’s living her life…and i’m lonely..broken… i don’t want to stay miserable for the rest of my life….if she’s trying to be happy….i know i should too….but i just can’t…a part of me is still holding on to that “dot” of hope…for how long?…i really don’t know……i don’t know if healing is really possible……she’s right when she said to me..”may naumpisahan tayo na di ko alam kung kailan o dapat o paano tatapusin”. 

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